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Is Doja Cat Libra?

Doja Cat, a popular cat on the internet, has been known to have an extensive vocabulary. Is she actually Libra?

We’ll never know for sure unless we discuss her birthday and time of birth. When it comes to astrology, all that matters is your date of birth. If Doja Cat was born in October then there’s no denying that she is Libra.

Is Doja Cat Libra

The Rising sign for Libra is justice as they strive to balance their life between personal desires and social obligations. Libra cats are social creatures who depend on their family for support and guidance, just like Doja Cat.

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Libra people are often admired because of their easy-going nature and ability to adapt quickly to new situations or environments.

Doja knows how to get attention without having much say in the matter. She might be out of this world (literally).

She likes to be creative and spontaneous, she has this charm to her personality that makes you feel like everything will be okay, and she loves meeting new people.

Personal Life

Doja Cat has a few secrets that she likes to keep hidden from the public eye. She is a proud Libra with an air of justice and balance about her, but there are moments when Doja ditches the responsibility in favor of fun.

She’s not perfect and this makes us love her more!

We also know for sure that she wasn’t born on earth (yes NASA), but rather was found by some humans who took care of her until they could find someone else to take custody of her.

The most recent time we saw Doja, she had just traveled back home where all their family lives together happily at Peaceful Acres Sanctuary.

It seems like Doja is finally happy again after being away from her Controversies.

Doja Cat’s Controversies

She is the one Doja Cat clearly spends too much time thinking of who seeks justice and balance, but there is one thing that she has been struggling with: being a Libra.

A few weeks ago on her Instagram story, Doja made some claims about my childhood friend’s mom as well as challenged the LGBTQ community in general.

She said “I don’t think it’s a sin to be gay” which was followed by an awkward silence before going onto say “but I do believe they should not have rights because you know what? You can’t reproduce.”

The following day, she clarified saying that these were jokes-like comments meant for entertainment purposes only.

In 2020, She backlash after her Instagram live Story about covid-19 and she said it just flu.

Then the backlash got even worse when people found out that she donated money in support of Donald Trump knowing he has done some bad things like being sexist or racist at one point in time but still supporting him anyway.