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Is Chloe Ting Chris Hemsworth’s Ab Trainer?

Australian Youtuber Chloe Ting is a certified online fitness trainer, famous for her 2 weeks Abs challenge. Ting helped those people who struggled to be fit. She is also known as a travel content creator. Is Chloe Ting Chris Hemsworth’s Ab Trainer?

Chloe Ting was Chris Hemsworth’s abs trainer. She got this chance to work with a famous actor Chris Hemsworth. As a fitness trainer, she helped Chris to get his abs. Chris is an Australian actor and as an Australian fitness trainer, Ting got the chance. 

Is Chloe Ting Chris Hemsworth's Ab Trainer
Chole Ting (via Instagram @chloe_t)

In Chris’s career, he did great roles in several movies that were appreciated worldwide. In ‘Thor’s movie, he appeared with abs and proper fitness. 

As an actor, Chris has to work hard and follow the trainer’s suggestions. Chloe Ting was lucky that she got a chance to guide Chris. 

However, Ting helped him to train to get his abs. Chloe Ting got more popular after working with Chris. Behind his abs, Ting has some credit. She tried her best to get Chris’s abs.

Throughout Tings experienced, train a celebrity like Chris was not easy for her. But Chloe was so dedicated that she did her job with courage. 

Image / Instagram: @chloe_t

Moreover, Chris praised Ting for her great job. She worked hard to get her position. Ting created all kinds of programs to helped people. 

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Chloe Ting’s Workout

Chloe Ting strictly follows her workout routine to be fit. As a trainer, she has to be fit and encourage people to do exercise. 

All her workout videos upload on her Youtube channel named Chloe Ting. The fitness enthusiast Ting uploaded her weekly workout videos along with healthy food recipes on her channel. 

Throughout her career, Ting helped many people to get their dream body shape. She suggested those workouts like tiny waists and peachier derrieres, Abs, and so on through her videos. 

Ting used to post about her fitness programs on her Instagram account that helped her to get more subscribers. Day by day, her popularity increasing. 

Ting’s most popular fitness videos are Get Abs in 2 WEEKS and Abs Workout Challenge which currently has crossed 300 million views. Those two workouts are famous for time duration. 

Most of the fitness workouts are unable to give you result within a short time. So, people tried this workout and got a good result. 

In ‘Get abs in 2 Weeks, Ting included many things together. She included Russian twists, Spider-man plank, a bicycle crunch, a plank with hip dips, and up and down planks. 

Moreover, she created a hashtag challenge to track the progress. People accepted the challenge and used to share their before-after image.  

Followers used to post their workout videos also. In the entire video, they did every exercise step by step. Many fans were following Ting’s video for being fit. 

However, many followers tried out her fitness workout videos and got massive progress. Ting used to share her fan’s fitness progress on her Instagram account. 

Chloe mentioned in her post that ‘everyone progresses at a different rate and please don’t compare yourself to another person. What’s important is that you’re being active and happy!

Do Chloe Ting Workouts Work?

When the pandemic hit and officially lockdown started, people started working from home. All the Gyms closed down, people stayed at home, and people starting to watch Netflix. 

Actually, they did not have another option. At that time, people were also conscious about health. They are searching for a short time and easy exercise. 

Then Ting developed her fitness program that worked within a short time. People found her workout very effective. 

Most of them searched for a quick result which means to get a result within a short time. Somehow, they got Chloe Ting’s exercise videos. 

Ting’s workout worked for those who continued her fitness workout step by step. Her fitness worked well, and people used to encourage her to comment on her channel. 

Ting’s comment section proved her popularity. In the meantime, People used to praise her programs. In her channel, she created all types of fitness workouts to help people. 

Moreover, she has a website on which she created different workout plans. On the website, Ting suggested to people which workout should they tried. She also gave healthy food tips, healthy recipes, and diet ideas. 

Even after her effective fitness videos, many people roasted her on social media. Because they could not get their expected result. 

At that time, Ting wrote about her workout program and told people not to compare when exercise. People should not compare themselves with another person. 

Usually, you have to continue your exercise to get a good result. Because of her effective work, she is getting more popular day by day. 

Those 2 weeks of workouts for abs not only give you abs but also make you stronger. Moreover, you achieve the result you are looking for. Fitness exercise gives you good health and is also good for mental health.