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Is Chanel West Coast Hair Real?

Chanel West Coast is a reality TV star and model who has been in the spotlight for years. She first gained popularity as one of the stars on MTV’s show “The Hills.” She is also a radio personality, DJ, and recording artist. Millions of people are curious about this blonde-haired beauty’s hair color – is it real or not?

The answer is yes. Chanel’s hair color not real. She has been seen in the past wearing a wig, but her current blonde locks are all her own. However, she rocks with natural blonde tresses that appear to be very healthy.

Is Chanel West Coast Hair Real

We saw her different hair color after some days. Perhaps she dyed her hair frequently. But now, we know that Chanel is blonde and it’s real!

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However, there are many images that Chanel West Coast saw with different hair colors, that’s why people said that her hair is not real.

In an interview, West Coast revealed that she is not a natural blonde, and it’s true. Chanel has been wearing wigs for years because her hair is naturally red with dark roots.

Chanel West
Image / Instagram: @chanelwestcoast

Chanel West Coast Transformation

Nowadays, West Coast is rocking an all-blonde look thanks to the use of extensions! This allows Chanel to get rid of the hassle of touching up her dark roots every few weeks and also saves money on expensive salon visits!

Chanel West Coast is fully changed her look, hairstyle, etc. She is now wearing her hair straight and dyed it to blonde color from brownish red-brown color.

West Coast also swapped out her wardrobe for more conservative clothes that covered up a little bit more skin than she was used to showing off!

Chanel West Coast is fully transformed into an average woman who looks like any other celebrity mom with kids in tow–albeit one rocking blond locks instead of the dark brunette waves we’re used to seeing on TV!

Moreover, Dying hair is her passion that why we saw her with many hair colors. She changed her look before. Coast is a celebrity who has great skills and she is not afraid to experiment.

Chanel West Coast Luxury Life

Chanel is a reality star and social media influencer. She is best known for being the cast member of E!’s show, The Hills.

Chanel west Coast

After she left this TV series in 2009, Chanel continued her career as a fashion blogger on her YouTube channel called “Hey! What’s Up?”.

Being a celeb, she used to stay with a luxury lifestyle. which includes expensive bags from Gucci and Prada. Although these two brands are pretty pricey (between $3500-$5000), they’re not too high-end for West Coast.

It’s not easy to maintain a luxury lifestyle. Chanel West Coast is one of those celebrities who can’t keep it with their own money.

Celebrities spend thousands and sometimes even millions of dollars every year on various aspects of their lifestyle to look fabulous for us mere mortals!

They have to live in the best houses, wear expensive clothes and buy luxurious cars.

Social Media Fame

On social media, Chanel West Coast is very popular. She has more than 500k followers on Instagram and is always active in posting photos.

She takes selfies with her phone, posts pictures of herself wearing new clothes or shoes from high-end brands, and shares video clips of the various events she attends including performances by herself as well as other celebrities who are friends of hers.

In particular, Chanel West Coast’s most recent post is a photo where she captures Kanye West in the background playing his music for all to enjoy at one of his concerts. 

Moreover, she used to post many concert videos on social media. If you look at her concert’s video you will know about his popularity.

As such because of her lavish lifestyle, she has to maintain her personality all the time towards fans following him everywhere he goes.

At Present, social media is a platform to promote anything. However, Chanel West Coast is not doing this for the sake of publicity.

It is worth mentioning that she has her blog “The Coveted Life” and by reading her latest posts you will get to know about details such as there is no need to do a lot of things to be happy.