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Is Blueface a Gang Member?

In the American rap industry, Blueface is a well-known name because of his excellent skill. If you are a rap song lover, you have heard the name Blueface. He is an American rapper.

A lot of questions have been arising on the internet consequent upon Blueface. Let’s find out the answer to the question “Is Blueface A Gang Member?”

In 2017, Blueface started his rapping career. At that time, he used his name as Blueface Bleedem which indicates the School Yard Crips street gang. However, Blueface is the street name of the rapper that he uses for rap songs.

Is Blueface a Gang Member
Blueface/Image Source: @recharz.com

As Blueface Bleedem’s name indicates the School Yard Crips street gang, possibly for this reason the question about Blueface is being arisen.

Did Blueface ever arrest due to street gang?

No, Blueface was never arrested due to a street gang. By the way, he was arrested for his fault.

It was 16 November of 2018 when Blueface was arrested. Blueface was attacked by robbers at a gas station. The time was approximately 9 p.m. local time and the place where the incident happened was the Chevron gas station.

Robbers were trying to rob the rapper. They attacked Blueface at the street of Chevron gas station. Blueface was a little bit worried about the incident.

Robbers have appeared with a car. Then Blueface started firing towards the robber’s car. Anyway, suspects were not injured due to firing. Later, the police arrested Blueface.

The rapper was charged with a case for shooting at a vehicle. Blueface was under the police custardy. Blueface was convicted because shooting at a vehicle was a felony in California.

After two days of being arrested, Blueface got bail. He had to pay a fine of $69k. Most of the time celebrities are attacked by gangsters or robbers. Blueface was one of them.

Blueface was arrested a couple of times. In 2019, Blueface was arrested for keeping an unregistered handgun. Police found the handgun and arrested the rapper on 1st February 2019.

Blueface was charged with the crimes. The American rapper was under the police custardy and released after a few days. A bad impact was fallen on the career of Blueface.

It is a bad incident for the rapper. Two years have been passed since Blueface was charged with the felony of the United States. So it is clear to us that Blueface was never arrested due to a street gang.

Details about the School Yard Crips street gang

School Yard Crip is one of the most well-known street gangs in the United States. It is an African-American street gang. The gang was founded in the 1980s.

School Yard street gang was founded in Los Angeles of California in the United States. There are over 150 active members of the street gang. Blueface is involved with the gang.

Most of the members of the gang are documented in the case file of the American police. On the other hand, some of them were convicted and were under the police custardy for a long time.

Skating Rink is a popular hangout for the gang members. Rollin’s 60s is the neighborhood gang of the School Yard gang. These gangs are attended the skating rink and challenged each other.

Sometimes the gang members were making violent altercations. However, the School Yard Crips street gang is often made quarrel with another street gang including Harvard Park Brims.

Did Blueface murder anyone?

Though Blueface is connected with a street gang, he did not murder anyone. But he was involved in a couple of quarrels. Besides, Blueface is arrested by the police several times.

A few months ago, Blueface was involved in a club bouncer and a felony arrest warrant was issued by the American police. In the video footage, it was clearly shown that Blueface and his friends were attacking a man.

After a while, Blueface was stomping the security guard and trying to enter the club. The guard was lays on the ground by the stomping. Possibly, he was injured.

Later, he was admitted to a hospital for treatment. It was a felony by the law of the United States. That is why an arrest warrant was issued by the American police.

Celebrities are often attacked during their works or programs and sometimes they lost their life. Blueface is always expressed his personal opinion after somebody dies.

Pop Smoke was also a rapper like Blueface. He has died of a gunshot in his home. Blueface was worried about Pop Smoke’s tragic death and he told other artists to stay safe from the enemies.