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Is Anuel AA Single?

Anuel AA is known as a professional singer and rapper. He rose to fame in the early 2010s as a rapper. 

According to his career and personal life, there have been a lot of questions in people’s minds. People are searching these questions on social media and google.  

Let’s talk about his love life and relationship. ‘‘Is Anuel Aa Single?”

According to various reporters, Anuel AA is not single anymore. He was in various relationships at an early age. The rapper has two children. Even he was engaged to a famous singer. 

Is Anuel AA Single
Anuel AA/Instagram: @anuel

Suddenly they broke up and after breaking up, they lived their life fully. Then in 2022, he got married to Yailin La Más Viral. 

Anuel AA Relationship with Karol G

Anuel AA met Karol G for the first time in a music video shoot in 2018. In 2019, Anuel was in prison. After releasing from prison, he confirms his relationship with Karol G. 

At the Billboard Latin Music Awards, Karol G was seen with a big diamond ring. That is the proof of their engagement. 

After two years of relationship, they broke up. They officially announced their breakup through social media. 

“The truth is that we’re not together,” Anuel said during a since-deleted Instagram Live on Tuesday (April 20). “The times that people have seen us together is because we still love each other. We tried to recover what was lost but we took different paths. May God bless her and that she continues to achieve her dreams and goals.”

The Puerto Rican trap artist also addressed any rumors about infidelity and said neither he nor Karol was unfaithful. “There’s no negativity between us. We have a great relationship,” he added.

Anuel AA Relationship History

After a year, Anuel dates someone else. In 2022, he confirms his relationship status with Yailin La Más Viral. 

Recently in July 2022, he got married to Yailin La Más Viral. Till now, they are doing great in their personal life. 

So, officially he is married. Because of his fame and popularity, his married life was highlighted by the media. 

Angel’s Family Background

Anuel AA was bron in a Puerto Rico family. His parents belong of different descent. 

Moreover, his father was from Afro Puerto Rican, and his mother was a white Puerto Rican. Because of their mixed descent, he has to face racism. 

From his childhood, he has had to tolerate all the racist slang. That was not easy as a child. 

When he was a child, his father worked in a music studio. That lead him to be a singer. 

Does Anuel AA have any Children?

A singer like Anuel Aa has huge fan followers. So, his fan-followers are curious to know about his personal life. 

On the internet, there are a lot of questions about Anuel’s children. Anyway, let’s find out about his parenthood. 

Anuel has two children. He did not stay with their mom. Two children have two different mothers. 

Moreover, Anuel has a son with his ex-girlfriend named Astrid Cuevas. Also, he has a daughter named Gianella Gazmey Vallecilla. Gianella’s mother is a model named Melissa Vallecilla. 

As a father, he did not hide their mother’s identity. He performs his responsibility very well. 

However, he loves to spend quality time with his children. As a rapper, he did not get enough time to stay with his son and daughter. 

Somehow, he takes out his time to play with his sons. He loves to spend his leisure time with his child. 

At the same time, he performs his duty as a singer and a father. Though he got married again, he did not ignore his child. 

Anuel maintains a healthy relationship with his entire family. His wife also maintains a healthy relationship with his stepson and daughter.