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Is Ace Hood Vegan?

Ace Hood is a famous rapper. He’s also got a huge following on Instagram, where he posts about his daily life – and what he eats! Is Ace Hood vegan?

Ace Hood has been vegan for more than 6 years. He went vegan after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives, and he hasn’t looked back since. He talks about his experiences in interviews and on social media platforms like Twitter often, and he is always happy to share what he eats with his fans!

Is Ace Hood Vegan

Ace Hood had this to say about the benefits of being vegan: “I started eating healthier and got into weight training… My energy level is high, my skin cleared up, I don’t have as many allergies. Being a vegan has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

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He also shared that he’s lost 40 kg from starting a vegan diet, and he also trains more often now.

“I’m vegan, so I eat a lot of vegan food! My favorite is the avocado steak tartare from Eric Greenspan.”

Diet Plan of Ace Hood

He is on the vegan diet plan and he does not drink any alcohol.

Ace Hood has been a vegetarian since his days in high school, but last year, he decided to go fully vegan! He loves sharing what he eats with you guys, too–probably because it’s all so delicious!

Ace says that being healthy isn’t just about working out; “It’s about what I’m putting inside my body”.

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ace hood workout
Ace Hood/ Image / Instagram: @acehood

His protein comes from beans, quinoa, or soy-based products like tofu. And of course, there are plenty of vegetables in every meal–including greens for breakfast when he wants an extra boost of energy. But really, everything tastes good as long as I am being healthy about it.

We’re pretty sure that this question was arise because people think that being vegan means you can’t enjoy food anymore.

we disagree. Ace has been known to post pictures with bacon sandwiches in the past, so it seems as if he still enjoys his favorite foods from time to time. 

But when I’m asking him what about eating meat makes him feel good he replies “I just don’t know.” 

Ace Hood’s Workout Plan

Because of his shows, he can not work out as much. He does not have a regular workout plan, but he tries to work out when possible. He also likes to go on walks and try new workouts with his trainer if they’re free at the time!

Hood loves football and he played a lot, it’s helped him to be fit and in shape. It’s a part of the workout.

His passion for workouts makes him find out time for it. He also likes to go on walks and spent some time in the lap of nature.

His favorite exercises are bench presses, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, or any other back exercise that makes you feel strong as well when you finish,” Ace Hood said in response to fans during The Factory documentary on Fuse TV.

Hood also has some tough training tips: “It starts off slow but then builds up to a crazy pace over time. You can’t just start off sprinting, that’s not how it works.”

Ace Hood has been vegan for six years and says he feels “pretty good” on the diet.

Breakfast Routine

Every morning, he starts his day with a green juice or some fresh vegetables as well as one of the following; Oatmeal and berries, Yogurt bowl topped with fruit and granola.

Besides, Cereal is mixed with almond milk, soy milk, rice milk (sugar-free), and any kind of nuts! Ace also likes to add cinnamon for flavor too!

When asked if he is vegan by Hip Hop World TV at SXSW 2017: “I don’t eat meat anymore.”

In lunch, hood usually sticks to a salad with grilled turkey or chicken, he also likes black bean soup on the side.

At dinner time, Ace’s favorite is Veggie Lasagna and it ends up being his go-to dish for himself as well as when he cooks for others!

Snack Routine

When feeling hungry, Ace always eats something healthy like fruit. He never drinks soda anymore because of its bad effects on your teeth and body in general.

But if you are craving sweets sometimes chocolate can be good too! It has caffeine so it will give you an energy boost while still making sure that you eat some sort of dessert without any ice cream or other dairy products involved.

Some days, Ace will have one of the following as a pre-workout drink in order to give his muscles an extra boost!

You can easily know his diet plan if you watch his social media post with him eating a vegan lasagne. He used to post pictures of himself eating bacon but now he posts a lot more pictures with vegan food.