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How Did Post Malone Start his Career?

Post Malone is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor who rose to fame in 2015. He has always been proud to be a part of the music industry. Including his music career, there has been a ton of questions. The most searched question is ”How did Post Malone start his career?”

Malone’s music career started through his father’s help. His father was a DJ in his youth. Moreover, he introduced Malone to several genres of music like rock, country, and hip hop. Because of his father, he had a keen interest in the music industry. 

How Did Post Malone Start his Career
Post Malone/Instagram: @postmalone

Then they moved to Texas and Malone got a chance to audition for an American brand named Crown the Empire. But somehow, he could not complete his audition. 

In the middle of his audition, he broke his guitar strings. Anyway, his professional music started when he was with the ‘Heavy Metal’ band. That was the beginning of his career. Moreover, he has a long way to go. 

When he was fourteen years old, Malone set his stage name as Post Malone. Then a rumor spread that Malone’s name was matched with the professional basketball player Karl Malone. 

Later Malone explained that how he got this name. Before releasing his first mixtape, he set his stage name. 

How did Post Malone Get Famous?

At the starting of his career, he has to struggle to get famous. He was dropped out in his college life. Then moved to Los angles with his friend who is a game streamer. 

Malone is also famous for writing song lyrics. In 2015, he wrote the song lyrics ”White Iverson”. He also recorded the song two days later after writing the lyrics. 

His song got praise from the famous singer Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. Though two famous singers praised his song, one of the singers mocked his song badly. But that did not affect his work anymore. 

After this criticism, he put more potential. Malone did not give up because of this criticism. Hard work and dedication is the best key to his success. 


Post Malone follows mixed culture like African-American culture. He is used to this culture. That’s why he called culture vulture several times. 

Even on social media, people trolled him because of his mixed culture. A famous rapper Lil B tweeted in 2017, ”Post Malone is slowly turning into a white dude! Lol, he’s pushing it, give it a few years he gon be full country and hate blacks lol”

However, Malone replied in an interview like claiming that his white skin has been “used against him”. Because of this issue, Malone faced several controversies. 

Sometimes celebs are the reason for their controversies. On the other hand, people spread bad things to accuse rappers or celebs. Several times, they have faced controversies for their lyrics. 

Moreover, they did not pay attention when writing lyrics. But after releasing their song, people started to criticize. As a celeb, they had to be strong and fight the controversies with their work. 

In a music video, Malone created a video with several women. In this video, he indicated black women which got viral. Then his teammates tried hard to cover the issue.