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How Did MC Hammer Become Famous?

Stanley Kirk Burrell is professionally known as MC Hammer, is currently a famous rapper. Besides, he is a well-known songwriter and record producer. But there is a question “How did MC Hammer become Famous?”

MC Hammer became famous in a short time due to his unique rapping style and excellent voice. He is a producer as well as a rapper. His unique voice impressed his listener. Thus MC Hammer became famous earlier.

How Did MC Hammer Become Famous
MC Hammer/Image Source: @blackenterprise.com

Currently, MC Hammer is one of the famous rappers in the United States. He developed a tremendous career throughout his whole life. MC Hammer is a popular name in the American rap industry.

Television & film career of MC Hammer 

MC Hammer is a producer along with a music artist. “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt Em” is a movie produced by MC Hammer in 1990. That film is about a rapper who was returning his home after defeating a drug lord.

It was a blockbuster movie during that era. MC Hammer earned huge fame and also achieved awards for this movie. After that, he produced another movie named “MC Hammer: 2 Legit.” 

MC Hammer is also a TV host besides a movie producer. He hosted & voiced over a carton named “Hammerman” in 1991. MC Hammer is also worked in “Saturday Night Live” as a host & musical guest.

In addition, he also worked with many movies including One Tough Bastard & Finishing the game as an actor. At the age of 39, MC Hammer produced a cable television movie “Too Legit.”

MC Hammer was worked in an American reality series “The Surreal Life” in 2003. Later, he became the dance judge of Dance Fever. Thus he gained a lot of fame in the television and film industry.

In 2009, MC Hammer had appeared in his reality show “Hammertime” on the A&E Network. The show was about his personal and family life.

MC Hammer’s business career

MC Hammer is a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of Oaktown Stable. It is a horse racing company which have eventually nineteen racehorses. That year, his horse became the winner of the prestigious Kentucky Oaks.

In the 1990s, MC Hammer created an online portal “J Slick.” It was a new clothing line. Later, he signed with a book publishing company for releasing a book “Enemies of the Father” in 2002.

On the other hand, MC Hammer was the co-owner of Menlo Park-based Dance Jam.com. It was a community site that was dedicated to dancing video competitions to judge.

Hammer started a martial arts management company in 2010 and his new company is Alchemist Management.  Surprisingly, he wanted to create a deep search engine that planned to compete with Google.

MC Hammer before making fame

MC Hammer was very poor before making fame as a music artist. The 60 years old rapper was born in Oakland, California in the United States. An American citizen Louis Burrell Sr. was the father of MC Hammer.

Professionally he was a poker player and casino manager. On the other hand, he was also worked as a warehouse supervisor. By the way, MC Hammer grew up with his mother.

The whole family was living in a small apartment. MC Hammer struggled with his life in his childhood. He started to earn when he was eleven years old as stray baseballs seller in the Oakland Coliseum.

Charles O, the owner of Oakland A’s team, hired MC Hammer as a clubhouse assistant. There he served for seven years. Later, he worked on ESPN’s First Take for a long time.

MC Hammer wanted to be a baseball player before making fame. But he did not make the final cut. MC Hammer joined the USA Navy and served there for three years as a Petty Officer.

He joined the United States Navy in 1981 and left in 1984. Later, he focused on his musical career.

Social media fame of MC Hammer

Currently, MC Hammer is a famous name on the social media platform. He is active on social media with millions of fan-followers.

MC Hammer has over 3 million followers on his Twitter account where he posted more than 102k tweets. On Instagram, he has an account with about 293k followers.

Besides, MC Hammer has an official Facebook page and the page got 258k likes. His fans are interested to know his daily activities.

MC Hammer released a video song “U Can’t Touch This” on his YouTube channel and the song got 698 million views. Thus MC Hammer achieves huge fame throughout his whole career.