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How Did 50 Cent Get Famous?

50 Cent is a famous rapper and actor in his era. He went popular because of his impact on the hip-hop industry. In the hip-hop industry, people used to describe him as a ”master of the nuanced art of lyrical brevity”. Through this article, we will discuss ”How did 50 Cent get famous?”

In the late 1990s, 50 Cent started his music career. He pursued his first album in 2000 named Power of the Dollar. But somehow, the album did not release. Then with the help of Dr. Dre and Eminem, he released his first major-label album ”Get Rich or Die Tryin”. This album got him popularity and rose to fame. 

How Did 50 Cent Get Famous
50 Cent/Instagram: @50cent

However, he got the same reaction for his second album. His second album was released in 2005, named The Massacre. When he released his fifth album, his musical style changed. 

Mainly he got famous through his second album. Then he also got a chance to act in a tv series. He was the executive producer and actor at the same time in the tv series ”Power”. 

Anyway, his debut alum was unreleased for several reasons. Before the day of releasing his debut album, he got shot. But after coming back to his normal life, he released his lead single How To Rob from his unreleased album. 

According to Thethings.com this single was comical. Its lyrics describe how to rob celebrities. His master was very helpful that’s why he can learn the hooks step. 

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Early Life of 50 Cent

50 Cent was brought up in New York City with his single mother. His mother was a drug dealer and she dies in a fire. Until her death, 50 Cent was stay with her. 

At the age of eight, he lost his parents and started to stay with his grandmother. 50 Cent revealed in an interview that his mother was a lesbian. 

Then at the age of 11, he started boxing and keep practicing in his neighbor’s gym. In his opinion, boxing and rap are quite similar. Both are very competitive. 

During selling drugs, he got caught red-handed. The most surprising matter is, he did not try to hide drugs. 50 Cent openly sell his drugs and told his grandmother. 

He wanted to change his life so first change his name as a metaphor. Moved from his profession, he tried his best and got success at a time. Somehow, he got a chance to work in the music industry.  

Social Media Fame

50 Cent has huge fan followers on Instagram. Have a verified Instagram account with 27 million followers. He was very active on Instagram. 

Moreover, he used to upload photos and special moments on social media. 50 Cent promotes his album also. In this modern era, they don’t have to promote officially. 

People are waiting for their updates on social media. the most important thing, social media is the only place to connect with their fans virtually. 

As a successful rapper, he knows better how to communicate with his fans. Because of his acting profession, he gets more fans and followers. 

When he rose to fame, his followers also increase day by day. This is the way, he got famous.