Over her two-decade career as an actress, Emma Roberts has accumulated an impressive film and television resume, with massive success in the American Horror Story (AHS) franchise. In the latest installment of Ryan Murphy’s AHS: Delicate, her character is Anna Victoria Alcott, an actress attempting to become a mother while juggling a successful career in a cutthroat industry. Although Anna is married to Dex Harding, losing his previous wife, Adeline, complicates their lives by casting a lingering shadow on a once-confident woman.

A Deep Dive into Emma’s Latest Performance

Anna feels like she is constantly living in Adeline’s aftermath, with every glance from Dex and memory intensifying her feelings of being his second wife. Throughout the maze that is her life, her rock, Siobhan Corbyn, exudes confidence and a successful life. Although it appears that Siobhan has Anna’s best intentions at heart, there is also the suspicion of a hidden agenda. Siobhan’s almost too-perfect personality, confidence, and lifestyle raise questions about her intentions.

While Anna Alcott has strong confidence as well, supported by her years of achievements and the limelight in the acting industry, she always carries the weight of personal challenges with infertility and being in the shadow of Dex’s deceased wife.

As her story unravels, the lines become blurred between reality and fantasy to the point where she reaches a crossroads, torn between the surrealness of her experiences and trusting her senses. Physically, she exudes elegance with her porcelain-like skin and blonde tresses. Her upscale wardrobe choices echo her success as an actress and refined tastes. Every garment and accessory she chooses speaks of a woman who appreciates and understands life’s finer aspects.

The show does an excellent job of initially subtly bringing her tumultuous journey to life, with two elements persisting: Anna’s determination for motherhood despite infertility and the consistent shadow of the woman in red. During the series, she becomes convinced of a conspiracy theory surrounding her fertility, with various scenes and scenarios further supporting her thoughts. As she makes sense of these theories, she grapples with support and skepticism from others.

Emma Roberts’ Other Recent Works

In her most recent projects, Roberts signed a deal with Hulu to create a series under Belletrist TV, her production company. This collaboration aimed to adapt novels using her Belletrist book club. The first project was based on Carola Lovering’s Tell Me Lies, which premiered on September 7th, 2022, and has been renewed for a second season.

Also under the Belletrist TV banner was her first Netflix release, First Kill, which launched on June 10th, 2022. Roberts has also been busy producing Madame Web, a movie falling within the Marvel Universe. Next up for Roberts is Frank Coraci’s Verona Spies, where she will star opposite Geoffrey Rush. Furthermore, Roberts will executive produce Liz W. Garcia’s Space Cadet. She also starred in Spencer Squire’s Abandoned, released on June 17th, 2022. Meanwhile, she continues working on her various characters in the American Horror Story franchise, joining the team in 2013 as Madison in Coven.


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