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Does Yo Gotti Have a Grammy?

Yo Gotti is one of the well-known singers in America. As a songwriter and rapper, he earned fame with his hard work and patient. Through this article, let’s talk about his achievement. Does Yo Gotti have a grammy?

Well, the answer is no. Yo Gotti does not have any grammy. According to Wikipedia and other sources, his award bucket is still empty. But no worries, he will get an award soon. Moreover, he has a long way to go. 

Does Yo Gotti Have a Grammy
Yo Gotti/Image Source: @billboard.com

For the first time, he got a nomination from BET Hip-Hop Awards in 2014. He got the nomination for ”I Am” in the album of the year category. But that time, he did not get the award.

After three years later, he got two nominations in the same year. Yo Gotti got this nomination for the Best Collabo category with Nicki Minaj. They were nominated together for the work ”Rake It Up”. 

In the same year, again he got a nomination from Bet Hip Hop Awards for Best Mixtape. That time he got the nomination with Mike for Gotti Made It. Unfortunately, he did not win the award. 

For Rake It Up single, he got a nomination from the Soul Train Music Awards in 2017. Fortune did not favor him. We hope that his award bucket will be full soon. 

As a famous rapper, he got a chance to perform at the Beale Street Music Festival in 2016. 

Yo Gotti’s Famous Work

Yo Gotti started his career in 1996. From that time, he did several great works. In 2000, he released his debut album named From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game. 

Then he released one by one album in his career. In 20001, he released another album named Self-Explanatory. Gotti started to recognize through his album Life in 2003. 

The album ”Life” was a career-changing album for him. Then in 2012, he released his major-label album named Live From The Kitchen. From this album, a single called 5 Star achieved much.

Moreover, the single 5 Star peaked at the number 79 in the hot charts 100. Also ranked on the U.S R&B 19 and number 11 on U.S top. 

Then the second album Women Lie, Men Lie was released in 2009. In which Lil Wanye was featured. However, the third album “Look In the Mirror” got successful. This single peaked at number 97 in the U.S R&B chart.  

Moreover, his sixth album ”Live from the Kitchen” sold 36,000 copies within three weeks. This is a big achievement for Yo Gotti. 

Through these works, he got appreciation and criticism from critics. As a rapper, he earned fame and got famous with his works. 

Social Media Activity

If you notice his Instagram account, you will see his activity, upcoming albums, and others. He used to post his special moment on social media. 

Three days ago, Yo Gotti posted a video from his upcoming album. That’s the reason, people used to follow them. Social media is a platform through which we can connect virtually. 

Yo Gotti even posted about his work and concert schedule. Anyway, having a grammy is prestigious and a big achievement. As a rising star, he has a lot of chances to get one.