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Does Usher have a Grammy?

Usher Raymond IV is one of the well-known singers in America. As a famous musician, he got many awards. Today we are talking about his awards and nomination. The most important question is ”Is Usher have a grammy?” 

The answer is yes. You will be surprised to know that Usher got eight grammy through 63 grammy awards. He got his first Grammy in 2001 for ”U Remind Me”. Usher got this Grammy for the Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. 

Does Usher have a Grammy
Usher/Instagram/Image: @usher

Before 2001, he got two nominations from grammy in 1997 and 1998. When he got his first grammy, he was super excited. It was also special for Usher as a singer. 

Then in 2002, he won another Grammy for ”U Don’t Have to Call”. In the 45th grammy awards, he won his second one. Then in 2004, he won another one for My Boo, Confessions, Yeah!. 

Getting grammy several times is not easy. He has to work hard to achieve this honor. Then after six years, he won his seventh Grammy for There Goes My Baby and Raymond V Raymond album. 

Still, he won eight awards and his eighth Grammy got in 2012. Moreover, he got many awards besides grammy. His award bucket is full. In the future, he will get more. 

Usher’s Nominations and Awards

Usher got his Grammy nomination in 1997 for the first time. He was got a nomination for his single ”You Make Me Wanna”. Unfortunately, he did not get the award that time. 

Then in 1998, he again got a grammy nomination. He had bad luck that he did not get this time also. Then he came with his good luck in 2001. 

Moreover, he got several notifications from different awards function. From ASCAP Pop Awards, he got six nominations. This award honors the best songwriters. 

As a great musician, Usher got numerous awards for his works. Throughout his career, he achieved much and earned fame. There is a lot of achievement in his bucket. 

In his career, he has a Diamond certificate album and two platinum albums. Besides, he has 18 Billboard awards. His awards bucket is full of joy and sweet memories. 

The most prestigious matter is, he got 11 awards from Billboard. So, Usher was honored as the top Billboard award taker in 2004. 

On the Billboard 100 hot charts, Usher’s several single peaked at number one. The number one list are ”U Got it Bad”, ”My Bow”, ”Love in this Club”, and so on. 

Moreover, he broke Glenn Miller’s record and stayed 28 weeks at the top of the year calendar. That is another milestone set by Usher. We could not finish his achievement cause his career is longer than others. 

As a singer, he created several histories. Like, he gave at least one number one single from his three albums. It’s a great achievement. These awards were not got without talent. 

Usher as an Actor

Usher started his acting career through television acting in 1997. He first appeared in the sitcom Moesha. Then he was acted in the featured film named The Faculty. 

Moreover, he acted in a romantic comedy that was based on teenagers. The film is called She’s All That. Then for the first time, he got a chance to act as a lead in a movie. 

The movie was called Light It Up. In this movie, he worked with famous actresses and directors, like Forest Whitaker, Rosario Dawson, and Vanessa L. Williams. 

Because of his acting skill, he got many opportunities. Usher acted in a television series called ”2002 Twilight Zone revival”. He appeared as a police officer. 

Usher’s Other Activity

Usher is a multi-talented person who runs several businesses with his single hand. Besides, singer, songwriter, and actor, he runs several restaurants. 

However, he launched his own fragrances brand named Usher She and Usher He in 2007. Then a year later, he released another fragrance brand called UR for Men and UR for Women. 

However, you can call him a fragrance lover. He is addicted to the fragrance. Because in 2009, he released his fifth fragrance named VIP. 

Anyway, he worked with several music artists. Behind his achievement, his hard work and patience play a great role. He has to work hard and wait for his success. It is not like, he gets success overnight.