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Does Tory Lanez Use Auto-Tune?

In the rap industry, Tory Lanez is a big name. There are plenty of things that Tory invented in this industry. Because of his work and dedication, he achieves fame. 

There have been a ton of questions including about his work and music recording. The most searched question is ”Does Tory Lanez use autotune?” 

Lanez has been accused of using auto-tune in his music, particularly on his debut album. However, he has denied these claims, saying that he only uses the software for live performances and not on his recorded tracks.

Does Tory Lanez Use Auto-Tune
Tory Lanez/Image/Instagram: @torylanez

In an interview, Tory talked about using auto-tune. In his music career, no auto-tune was used to improve his vocals. His vocal is unique and he did not believe in auto-tune. 

Did Tory Lanez ever use autotune?

No one can deny that Tory Lanez has a unique and powerful voice. His music is packed with emotion, and his delivery is always on point. 

However, many fans have wondered if he ever uses autotune. There is no clear answer, but it seems that Tory Lanez does not use autotune on his songs. 

Moreover, his raw talent and vocal abilities are enough to carry his music and connect with his fans. 

Whether or not he uses autotune, Tory Lanez is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

The most important matter is, Tory is satisfied with his vocal. That is the reason, he always tried to be used his real voice. 

If you notice his concert voice, you will get a clear idea about his voice. He has the confidence to entertain people with his real voice, and he succeeds. 

Why Tory Lanez did not Use Autotune?

In an interview with Genius, Tory Lanez explained why he doesn’t use Auto-Tune on his vocals. 

He said: “I never wanted to use Auto-Tune because I feel like it takes away from the integrity of the artist and what they’re trying to say. I feel like, with Auto-Tune, a lot of people rely on it too much and they don’t really work on their craft.”

Lanez continued, “I feel like if you’re an artist and you have to rely on a computer to make you sound good, then that’s not really being an artist.”

The rapper added that he never wants to be “one of those artists that’s just like, ‘Oh, I’ll just Auto-Tune the crap out of my voice and it’ll be good.’’

While some artists do use Auto-Tune as an effect, Lanez prefers to keep his vocals natural. He told Genius, “I just feel like if you’re using Auto-Tune, you might as well be making a beat with a drum machine or something.”

Tory Lanez’s Musical Style

Lanez’s musical style has been praised by critics. AllMusic’s Andy Kellman described it as “R&B-influenced, with occasional forays into pop and dancehall.” 

HotNewHipHop’s Zach Rydenlund wrote that Lanez “doesn’t shy away from experimenting with new sounds and styles.” 

Lanez has cited several artists as influences, including Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, and Usher.

However, sometimes Tory puts more effort to entertain his fan followers.