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Does Takeoff Have Siblings?

Many people are curious to know about the family life of Takeoff, the youngest member of the hip-hop group, Migos. Takeoff’s family are all members of the group and they have never given any thought to if he has siblings or not. In this blog post, we will explore… Does takeoff have Siblings?

Takeoff has a younger brother named YRN Lingo. They are very close and often collaborate on music together. Lingo is also a rapper in his own right, which might be why they share such a close bond as older brother figures for each other.

Does Takeoff Have Siblings

Lingo said, my favorite song from Takeoff that I have heard so far is called “What’s Going On?”

He mentions being in jail, even though he has never been to jail before. But it sounds like something he could really relate to because his family members and friends have all had experience with jail time or drugs.

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The beat goes hard for a minute then changes into upbeat festival trap vibes at the end which makes me want to listen again and again.

Takeoff’s relation with his Sibling

From their childhood to now, it is evident that Takeoff and YRN Lingo have a strong bond.

Recently they worked together as a rapper in duo on their new song “I’m Gon Make It”.Takeoff said he was honored to work with Lingo and collaborate.

The two of them have very different styles but because they come from the same place it makes sense that these two are so tight-knit despite being siblings who started out just as friends.

It’s not only Takeoff’s musical talent that sets him apart from his sibling though; They both rap about their family members’ experience with jail time or drugs, even though Takeoff has never been to prison himself.

But this storytelling ability really resonates with me and he able to make me feel what he’s saying.

Lingo mentioned that Takeoff is a lot happier now and maybe because of this, his music has changed for the better as well.

Takeoff elaborated on how prison and drugs can change someone forever. It destroys everything when you’re not careful or knowledgeable about these things from an early age.

And then Lingo explained further by mentioning two different types of people who have been in jail. Like people who are angry all the time but also those who just want to enjoy life more than they did before- both perspectives make sense logically speaking.”