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Does Ray J Still Make Music?

Ray J is one of the most popular country singers in his era. He is not only famous for his songs but also famous for his acting skill. Recently there has been a question on the internet about his career. The question is ”Does Ray J still make music?”

Well, the answer is no. There is no confusion that Ray J still making music. Though, we did not get any albums or singles in 2021. But that does not mean he retired. In 2020, Ray released his last album called Party’s Over. 

Does Ray J Still Make Music
Ray J/Image Source: revolt.tv

According to songkick.com, Ray did not have a single tour in 2021. During Covid-19, he did not do any concerts. However, Ray took a break from his music career. From that time, he was working on his upcoming album. 

In 2020, he released a music video that got massive success. Along with the singing profession, he did many others works. Ray runs plenty of companies and did many other things to ahead. 

Before coming into the singing profession, he did several series on television. Because of his business, he did not get enough time to make music. Still, he tried his best to make. 

So, it is clear that Ray still makes music and doing his best. Let’s know more about his career, musical style, and more things. 

How Did the Rumor Spread?

On social media, there is news about Ray J’s retirement. But that is not true. People now a days believe whatever they saw or listen to. They should not believe the news. 

The rumor spread when Ray took a break from his regular workaholic life. Taking a break does not mean, he is going to retire. His passion for music started when he was fourteen years old. 

Professionally Ray started his career in 1995. His interest in music got him successful. After the rumor spread, his manager confirms his activity. 

Celebrities are used to these kinds of rumors. So they did pay attention to these. But at that time, the rumor went out of control. All the rumors clarified when his next album will be released. 

Ray J’s Musical Style

Every rapper and singer has a different musical style. Celeb like Ray J has also a unique style. His career is not long like other singers. 

In his career, he made several songs that got famous. His vocals and genre are different. This is the uniqueness of Ray J. Because of his unique style Ray got popularity in his era. 

From Mississippi’s actor to singer, his journey was not easy. Through his journey, he worked hard to succeed. Ray worked on his weak point and improved himself. 

Moreover, he also collaborated with several famous singers. Because of his vocal cord, he did well in this music industry. As a singer, he is well known and popular. 

Before his success, he has to struggle for his position. Turing his career from acting career to singing, it’s a big decision. He has the courage to move his career from actor to singer.