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Does Nelly Still Rap?

Nelly is a famous name in the American rap industry. He is an American rapper along with a singer. But now, people started talking about “Does Nelly Still Rap?”

Well, the answer is “No.” Nelly does not rap for about one year. According to his YouTube channel, an official visualizer for “5 Drinks Ago” was released by Nelly on 27 August 2021.

Does Nelly Still Rap
Nelly/Instagram: @nelly

After releasing the official visualizer, Nelly is far from his music career. On the other hand, he did not share anything about his new album. So, his fans are searching on the internet to know if he still raps or not.

If we notice his official YouTube channel, we can see that Nelly did not release any new songs in 2022. So, we can comfortably say that Nelly does not rap now.

What is the reason behind Nelly’s stopping rap?

Currently, it is unclear to all that why Nelly stops rapping. Nelly did not make any new rap songs this year. On the other hand, he did not officially share the reason behind stopping rap.

Possibly, he takes a break from his music career to improve himself or prepare himself for the next new project. In addition, he wants to improve his music quality more than other rappers.

One year ago, Nelly released a couple of music videos on his official YouTube channel. But at the present, he physically hides from the music industry. The reason is unclear to us.

By the way, Nelly was also stopped rapping the previous time. He was in jail between 2015 to 2017. That is why Nelly did not make music for a long time. After releasing from jail, Nelly started to make music again.

As Nelly stops rapping, fans are become worried about it & wanted to know the reason. Anyway, maybe he will release new songs very soon.

Why Nelly was arrested?

Nelly had some legal issues. He was arrested a couple of times. His music career became stop during that time when he was in jail for his crime.

In 2015, Nelly was arrested by the American police due for caring marijuana in the Prevost tour bus. The trooper searched Nelly’s bus and found drug paraphernalia along with marijuana.

They also found several handguns on the bus. Then Nelly was arrested and booked into the Putnam Country jail. He was charged with felony drug possession. After releasing from jail, Nelly fall into another legal issue.

Nelly did not pay the taxes. As a result, he was reported to pay $2.4 million in tax. Later, he had to face some legal issues for unpaid taxes.

In 2017, Nelly was arrested for raping a woman. The incident has occurred in Auburn, Washington in the United States. He was in Des Moines, Washington, jail for the crime.

One year later, Nelly was again accused of sexual assault. A woman claimed that she was sexually assaulted by the American rapper. Nelly did not focus on his music career due to those legal issues.

As a result, he was far from his music career during that time. After a long time, Nelly started making music again. But at the present, he does not make music. 

Is Nelly working on his new album?

As far as we know, Nelly is not working on his new album in 2022. He is physically absent from the American music industry. He did not officially announce the release of his new album.

“Heartland” was his last release music album. It is Nelly’s eighth studio album. He released the album on 27th August 2021 via Columbia Records.

It is one of the top albums of the American rapper Nelly. The album took place at 45 number on the US Billboard 200. Besides, it took place at number 37 in Canada.

He had not released any music albums after the “Heartland” album. So, maybe he does not work on his new album right now.

Rap career of Nelly

Nelly was born in Austin, Texas, the USA in 1974. He moved to St. Louis when he was a teenager. There he started his rap career while studying in a high school.

Nelly started his rap career by forming a hip-hop music group along with friends named St. Lunatics. The music group released a single “Gimme What Ya Got” in 1997.

By the way, Nelly had to struggle to achieve success in his music group. Later, he signed a contract with the Universal Music Group. Thus Nelly’s rap career began and he released a lot of rap songs throughout his whole career.