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Does Nelly Furtado Speak Spanish?

The Canadian singer Nelly Furtado is best known for her bestselling album “Loose.” As she sings in a couple of languages, a question is among her fans “Does Nelly Furtado Speak Spanish?” 

Well, the answer to the question is “Yes.” Nelly Furtado can speak Spanish. It is clear to us for her popular album “Mi Plan” sang in the Spanish language.

Does Nelly Furtado Speak Spanish
Nelly Furtado/Image Source: @trome.pe

Nelly Furtado can speak a couple of languages. But she is much good at the English language. As she is Canadian, she can speak English fluently.

On the other hand, Nelly Furtado is also Portuguese. As a result, she can speak Portuguese & French language. It is known to all that French is the official language of Canada besides English.

Had Nelly Furtado ever seen to speak the Spanish language?

Yes, Nelly Furtado had been seen speaking Spanish in front of the camera. During an interview, she was speaking in the Spanish language and she expressed her love for the language.

Nelly Furtado felt comfortable speaking in the Spanish language. She is Portuguese along with Canadian. As a result, she can speak French as well as English.

There are a lot of celebrities in the music industry who can speak a couple of languages. Nelly Furtado is one of them. She can speak fluently more than two languages.

In an interview, Nelly Furtado was asked about had she spoken Spanish or not. Then she replied about her passion for Spanish. In addition, the Spanish language expressed the Latin side of Nelly Furtado.

She said that the language is the biggest inspiration for her. Nelly Furtado got a lot of joy when she sang in Latin languages. She is a multitalented music artist.

Nelly Furtado loved being a global artist. That is why she wanted to be much different from other artists. Nelly Furtado wants to be a famous singer.

The Grammy Award-winning singer uses several languages in her songs. Once Nelly Furtado told that she included about 20 percent Latin content in her three previous music albums. 

Nelly Furtado’s Spanish song

Though Nelly Furtado is a Canadian singer, she made one album in the Spanish language. “Mi Plan” is the fourth studio album of Nelly Furtado which is made in the Spanish language.

The album was released on 11 September 2009. “Mi Plan” was a hit album at that time. Nelly Furtado got a lot of fame after releasing the album in the Spanish language.

Nelly Furtado released “Mi Plan” by her record label named Nelstar Entertainment & it was distributed by Universal Music Latino. The album was at the top of the US Latin Billboard chart.

Later, it was certified as a platinum album in the Latin field. Surprisingly the album was awarded the Latin Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album which was a great achievement.

Spanish songs of the “Mi Plan” album:

Songs NameReleasing year
Manos al Aire30 June 2009
Mas18 December 2009
Bajo Otra Luz4th May 2010
FuerteIn 2009
Suficiente Tiempo10 September 2009

When did Nelly Furtado learn to speak the Spanish language?

Nelly Furtado learned to speak the Spanish language at the age of 14. Furtado said that she can speak Spanish since her childhood and she can speak Portuguese also.

Though she was born in Canada, her parents are Portuguese. As her parents both are Portuguese, Nelly Furtado grew up speaking the Portuguese language in her childhood.

But later, Furtado learned to speak Spanish. Because she was interested in the Spanish language. Currently, she can speak Spanish along with her mother language.

Why does Nelly Furtado use the Spanish language?

According to the information from Reuters, Nelly Furtado has been speaking the Spanish language since her childhood. She wants to express herself much differently from the other celebrities.

That is why she uses a couple of languages in her songs and communication also. Nelly Furtado said to Reuters that it is a great chance to show her other sides.

She has had an interest in the Spanish language since her childhood. Nelly Furtado said speaking & writing Spanish gave her a chance to express herself much differently.

As she can speak Spanish, she can communicate and share emotions with lots of artists. Nelly Furtado said that she was able to express the more dramatic side of herself during singing in the Spanish language.

She can be more complex and a little more theatrical due to singing in Spanish. By the way, Nelly Furtado is felt very comfortable speaking in Spanish.