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Does Nas Write his Own Lyrics?

Nas is a multi-talented rapper who is famous for his great work. People are curious to know about his lyrics writing and working details. Let’s know through the article ”Does Nas write his own lyrics?”

Well, the answer is complicated. As a serious rapper, Nas wants to express his feeling through his song lyrics. He used to make music from his soul. Nas writes his song lyrics but that does not mean he writes every lyric. 

Does Nas Write his Own Lyrics
Nas/Image/Instagram: @nas

Even he had been ghostwritten for Will Smith. He revealed that information in the 2015 Reddit session. If his ghostwriter writes someone’s lyrics, he can not feel it. 

In a recent interview, Nas stated that he had not written any lyrics from a ghostwriter. Maybe he wants to express his feeling through his songs. Rapper writes whatever they saw or happened in front of them.

Moreover, Nas takes his inspiration from the street, friends, family, strangers, and so on. Then finally he converts song lyrics. Many rappers can not write their single song’s lyrics. When you talked about Nas, he is really sincere about music. 

However, his song lyrics come from his soul. To be serious about his lyrics make him successful. the power of his lyrics blessed him. 

Nas Expressed Himself Through Music

Nas’s interest in music started from his childhood. As a teenager, he started to make music with the help of his neighbor. He used to live in Queensbridge Houses which were far away from the city. But he did not give up his dream. 

As a dream seeker, he fulfilled his dream with hard work. In his song, people find the inner meaning and explore his feeling through songs. 

Moreover, he was born in a musician family. So, music was in his blood for the first time. Somehow he meets with the producer Large Professor. Then record their first album but it was never released. 

Then in 1991, he got a chance to perform in Main Source’s album named Live at the Barbeque. The same year, he signed a record deal with Columbia Records. 

In Nas’s opinion, he wants that people try to understand his song lyrics. He said, “So many times we sing the wrong lyrics and we don’t know what [a song] means,” 

Ghostwriter rumor

On social media and the rapping industry, there has been a rumor that Nas has a ghostwriter. But personally don’t believe, he has one. If you notice his lyric, you will see his inner feelings. 

Because several songs lyrics were matched with his personal life. Every time he was excited to create new songs. A new song is like a new world for him. 

Most of the rappers have a ghostwriter so that they can concentrate on song-making. Famous rappers do not have enough time to write their lyrics. 

But Nas’s intention was different. He wants to express his feelings towards the people and around his circle. Every rapper can not write their lyrics, it is a creative work.

If you noticed his lyrics, you will see his enriching word and knowledge. Every time he wants to improve his lyrics. This is the positive part and hard work he does. Today what he achieves, because of his hard work.