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Does Meek Mill Have a Ghostwriter?

Meek Mill is one of the most successful rappers in America. The question that has always been on people’s minds is if he really writes his songs or not. This article does a deep dive into this question, and also provides other interesting facts about the rapper!

The answer is no. Meek Mill does not have a ghostwriter. He writes his song and loves to do it. On social media, Mill has made it clear that he writes his music: “I am a rapper, I’m not just some artist with writers.”

Does Meek Mill Have a Ghostwriter

In an interview in 2016 Mill said this about writing songs:

“It’s something therapeutic for me. It does every part of my body good when the words pour out and you’re able to give them everything they need,”

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Meek explained during his radio station visit. “Every time I put pen on paper or fingers on keys, whatever instrument we use, it feels like therapy.

Sometimes people don’t take what artists say seriously because those are records; but at the end of the day, these are real-life experiences being talked about so everybody can relate.”

He also tweeted this message before releasing DCII: “I’ve been making music since I was 14 years old. this isn’t a hobby, it’s my life and that’s all I know how to do.”

Meek Mill has made it clear that he writes his lyrics for the most part. Whether or not he does have an occasional ghostwriter who assists him on occasion, remains unclear but unlikely based on what Meek Mill says about himself in interviews and social media posts.

Ghostwriter Rumor

I don’t believe that Meek Mill does have a ghostwriter, his lyrics are so detailed and complex.

Many people think it’s normal for artists to use ghostwriters but in reality, they’re just saying what the public wants to hear. Just because an artist uses a different voice doesn’t mean he needs someone else writing their music or lyrics.

Meek mill is one of the most lyrical rappers right now, there’s no way he has time for another job at this point in his career.

He commented on Twitter about how much time he spends working: ” I’ve started making music since early years.” With all these hours devoted to recording and creating content, when would he have time to work on someone else’s music?

On Twitter, Meek Mill talked about Darke’s ghostwriters and how he would have to pay up, but does it really make sense for him to be paying someone else when he’s already so busy?

Meek mill is one of the most lyrical rappers right now, there’s no way he has time for another job at this point in his career.

A ghostwriter can not feel a rapper’s feelings properly. So, his lyric is not so good like a rapper.

Meek’s Studio Album

In Meek’s career, he released some studio albums. These are really great and earned fame from his fans.

The first studio album was in 202 named Dreams and Nightmares. For this album, he got many appreciations from his fans.

In 206, there was an album named Championships. He also got admiration from the people this year.

The third studio album is called ‘Wins and Losses’ which came out in 2019. This time he has mixed reviews instead of everything being perfect like before because some songs are really long but not that good as others or they don’t have up-to-date lyrics with today’s rapper style.

‘Wins and Losses’ album was his special album because it was to commemorate his tenth year in the industry.

In my opinion, he should get some advice from other rappers who are really good at making songs or maybe find another rapper for help with this album so that he can live up to the expectations of his fans again.

However, from this album, he got many things at a time. Earning money and getting famous is not easy. But Meek can do it within a short time.

He has been releasing albums for the last ten years and is still one of the most popular rappers in today’s society. Some songs aren’t as good as others.

But he created an album commemorating his tenth year which was a success because it mixed with new rap lyrics to keep up with what people like now.