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Does Ludacris Still Make Music?

Ludacris is a popular name in the American action movie industry. He got success in both the music and acting world. But there is a question among the fans “Does Ludacris Still Make Music?” 

The answer is “Yes.” Ludacris has been making music for over one decade. But suddenly he stopped making music. That is why the question has arisen on the internet does he make music or not.

Does Ludacris Still Make Music
Ludacris/Image/Instagram: @ludacris

Ludacris has a huge number of fans on social media. They are noticing his daily activity all the time. As he stopped making music so fans become excited to know about the reason.

Why did Ludacris stop making music?

Ludacris is not making music for a long time. As a result, some people thought that possibly his music career have been dead. Ludacris has talked about his music career.

If you have heard that Ludacris finished his career, you should have been ignored the rumor. Because Ludacris confirmed that he has not finished his musical career at all.

He is far from making music due to some unknown reasons for some days. Ludacris debunked the claims about his music career is dead. So you should not worry about it.

In a candid chat, Ludacris was questioned that did he finish his music career or not. He answered that his music career had not dead, not at all.

In addition, Ludacris said he is just taking some time for putting out more music.

According to Ludacris’ statement, any artists can take some time in between their new project so that they can effort more on the new work.

An Instagram page took an interview from Ludacris where he confirmed that his musical career is not dead. He addresses those people who thought that he finished his career not worry about it, he did not finish his career. 

Nowadays social media have been full of rumors. So everyone should justify before believing that news about celebrities.

Is Ludacris making a new song?

Yes, Ludacris is working to release his new song. He was in an interview about his new project “Karma’s World” on a YouTube channel. There he was talking about his new work.

Ludacris revealed that he is going to release new music. During the interview, a lady presenter asked him about his new song. Then Ludacris confirmed that he will release a new song very soon.

Ludacris told that he is humbly involved with releasing his new music. At that time he was asked, “In a couple of years can we expect any music soon.” Ludacris replied it is good news that a new album will be coming out during 2022.

By the way, he did not share details about his new music project. Ludacris said with a smiling face that he has been working on some ludicrous music.

Ludacris before starting his musical career

Christopher Brian Bridges is the birth name of Ludacris. He is from Champaign, Illinois. But he moved to several places including Oak Park. There he was admitted to Oak Park-River Forest High School.

Later, Ludacris attended Centreville High School after moving to Virginia. He completed his high school life at Banker High School located in Atlanta. Ludacris is a graduate of music management.

The musical career of Ludacris

In 1986, Ludacris wrote his first rap song at the age of nine. Three years later, he joined an amateur rap group in Georgia, USA. Thus his music career became started.

Ludacris joined a DJ in Atlanta with the name Chris Lova Lova. Later, he met with Timbaland, an American famous record producer. Ludacris made a track “Phat Rabbit.” 

“Incognegro” is the debut album of Ludacris. The album was released in 1999 from his record label “Disturbing Tha Peace.” In 2000, Ludacris released the song “Back for the First Time” which took place at number four on Billboard 200. 

Another song by Ludacris had also respectively reached number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100. Thus he became famous in the American music industry.

Some songs of Ludacris:

Song nameReleasing year
One More DrinkDecember 14, 2009
Southern HospitalityOctober 7, 2009
Stand UpOctober 6, 2009
RolloutOctober 8, 2009
Act A FoolApril 15, 2014

Achievements from a musical career

Ludacris made a tremendous career throughout his whole life. He has lots of achievements. As a music artist, Ludacris won an “MTV Video Music Award” for excellence in the music industry.

On the other hand, Ludacris is the three times “Grammy Awards” winner. By the way, he has been nominated for a couple of awards.