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Does Lil Durk Have a Twin?

Lil Durk is a popular name in the rapper industry. He is known for his famous work. Durk is also the founder of the record label Only the Family. So, does Lil Durk have a twin?

Well, the answer is no. Lil Durk does not have a twin. He is the younger son of Dontay Banks. Lil has an elder brother Dontay Banks Jr who is also known as D Thang. 

Does Lil Durk Have a Twin
Lil Durk / Image / Instagram: @lildurk

However, having a twin is a rumor. The rumor spread through social media. People thought he has a twin because his brother looks similar. 

But they did not share the same birthday. Lil and his elder brother both share the same profession. 

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People used to believed whatever they listen to and saw. That’s why rumors spread quickly. But they should justify the truth. 

Recently, Lil lost his brother D Thang. His brother was killed outside of a nightclub situated in Chicago. 

After his brother’s murdered, Lil was the target. One day, he also attacked in his home. That time Lil and his wife started gunfire, and the suspect flew away. 

However, they were lucky that no one was harm at that time. People were shocked after his brother’s murder. 

Lil Durk Family

As we said above, Lil Durk is the younger son of Dontay Banks, Sr. and Travonna. Both of his parents support him to reach his goal. 

Lil has to take responsibility at an early age. Because his father was in imprisonment when Lil was only seven months older. 

Even he has to spent the entire day without any food. He has to go through a tough time. 

That miserable life inspired him much, and he started his career at an early age. 

However, his first breakthrough was released through social media accounts like Youtube and Myspace. His online fan increased and got some more ideas as a rapper.  

At the age of 17, Lil became a father and took his career more seriously than before. Because of his career, he dropped out of high school. 

At present, Lil is the father of six children. He wants a large family, that’s why he wants ten children. However, he is happy with his family.

Lil Durk and D Thang Brotherly Love

Lil Durk and D Thang both grew up in Chicago. In their childhood, they shared their sorrow and happiness. 

Lil Durk with brother D Thang

However, they Shared the same profession. Even collaborated on several songs.  

In his father’s absence, D Thang was the guardian of Lil. When he was murdered, Lil lost his brother and guardian at the same time. 

That was a great loss for his family and also for the rap industry. Police investigated the murder case to arrest the murderer. 

Rise to Popularity

Lil Durk took his music career seriously in 2011. That time, he signed with French Montana and Chief Keef’s record label. 

After releasing his two songs I’ma Hitta and Sneak Dissin, he got positive feedback from critics. Then he decided to take rapping as his full-time career.

Next year, Lil released his third mixtape, ‘Life Ain’t No Joke’. This mixtape album achieved much and got much appreciation from his fans and critics. 

The mixtape album downloads more than 216,000 times. Lil got a positive review that’s why he courage to do more works. 

From this mixtape, his popularity increased rapidly. Then worked with several famous rappers. 

Before his popularity, he tried his best to do great work. There is several famous works done by Lil and got appreciation. 


Every Celeb has to face controversies. They are used to these kinds of controversies. 

Lil Durk also faces several controversies. Most of his controversies related to songs. 

Lil Durk and Famous Dex studied at the same school. But after they dropped out, they did not seem to meet. 

After Lil became famous, Dex revealed in an interview that he did not see him before. According to Dex, they first meet at Beet Awards in 2016. 

Tay600 was kicked out from his gang and also from the record label Only the Family. He blamed Lil for the entire ordeal that’s why the controversies started. 

However, all the controversies end when Lil Durk clarifies the matter. People believed Lil and respect the decision.