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Does Lil Dicky Have a Kid?

The rapper Lil Dicky is best known for his music video ”Ex-boyfriend”. After the release of this music video, Lil got famous within a short time. Does Lil Dicky have a kid?

Well, Lil Dicky does not have a kid. He did not post about his personal life on social media. So, it’s tough to find out about his dating information. Lil has a kid is a rumor which spread through social media.

Does Lil Dicky Have a Kid
Lil Dicky / Image / Instagram: @lildickygram

All the rumors spread so quickly. Because of social media, celebs have to face many rumors that are not true. 

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Anyway, Lil is not married yet. He is more serious about his career and busy building a career in the music industry.

In his opinion, it’s not the right time to start a family. So, he did not pay any attention to his personal life. 

At the beginning of his rap career, Lil was dating someone but that relationship did not go well. So, they broke up and concentrate on their career. 

Early Life

Lil Dicky was born on March 15, 1988, in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. His real name is David Andrew Burd. 

Born in a Jewish family with tangled hypospadias and urethra. Because of this problem, he has to go through a difficult time in his childhood. 

After multiple surgeries, he can overcome the problem. In his childhood, he used to listen to hip-hop and rock music. From that time, he was interested in music. 

However, he started rapping in his fifth grade. In his childhood, he used to grew up listening to Jay-Z and Nas rap songs.

Dicky studied at Cheltenham High School. He revealed his sorrow when he was in school. 

Lil said, “I was a pussy. I was really awkward looking. I wasn’t getting any girls at all, but I was very class-clownish and I got good grades”.

After high school, he attended a University named the University of Richmond. He studied with the rapper Dave East in the same batch. 

Completing his graduation and then moved to California. In California, he worked for Goodby, Silverstein & Partners advising company. 

Musical Style

Having a different musical style can easily make anyone recognized by people. Dicky has a different musical style. 

Lil Dicky

His style is based on comical with relatable. However, his musical material is not special anything. He comes up with what he experiences and what occurs every day. 

In the Ex-boyfriend music video, we saw average and normal life experiences. Dicky narrated his musical style as the excessive self-seeking nature of rap. 

However, his fans and followers liked this style very much. Because of his vocal and unique realistic lyric, he earned fame within a short time.

Lil was inspired by other artists like Childish Gambino, J. Cole, and Snoop Dogg. He considered them as the young generation’s inspiration. 

Social media Fame

Lil dicky has a verified Instagram account with 3.1 million followers. He used to post his work update and special moment of life.

Recently, we saw a post on his Instagram about fathers day. While promoting the brand, he wrote…

”I’m not yet a father, but I do act as one to this beautiful creature. So I guess I am a father, actually. And the perfect Father’s Day gift is giving Dad something he won’t give himself”.

Even, we saw him doing paid promotions on Instagram. He posted many things about his tv-series Dave. 

We get to know about Dave’s season two coming through his Instagram post. At present, social media can do anything within a short time. 

People follow celebs on social media to attach with them virtually. social media is the only way for celebs to connect with fans.  

Before Fame

At the beginning of his rapping career, he used to release a song every week. He continued this process for five months and after this, he gradually getting famous. 

Every rapper has to struggle and Lil also did. Lil did not get his fame overnight. If you have patience and talent, you can achieve success. 

Lil wanted to be a professional rapper from his childhood. He followed his goal and got success. 

In 2011, he debuted through the mixtape ”So Hard”. He worked hard for two years for this mixtape. 

Lil did not release the mixtape at a time. He used to be released every week. When his Ex-boyfriend was released, he got much appreciation and love from people.