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Does Lil Baby Have a Brother?

Lil Baby is a famous American rapper, singer and songwriter. He first gained recognition as a member of the rap group called “Freebandz”. Lil Baby released his debut studio album titled Harder Than Ever on May 18th, 2018.

The album was ranked at number one on Billboard’s Top 200 albums chart in its first week of release. His music has been streamed over 100 million times on Spotify alone! Question is, Does Lil Baby have a brother?

Yes, Lil Baby does have a brother. The only problem is that he’s not as well known as his famous older sibling and we don’t even know his name yet. But rumor has it, his brother is the one who got Lil Baby into music.

Does Lil Baby Have a Brother

Early Life of Lil Baby

Lil Baby was born as “Leslie Williams” on October 12th, 1998 in Memphis Tennessee. His mother’s name is Michelle and his father’s name is not publicly known.

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It has been said that he enrolled at Dillard University but dropped out to focus more on his music career instead of school work.

A few years ago, while Lil Baby was still a teenager, he started making waves with the release of several popular mixtapes such as “Street Gossip” and “Harder Than Ever”.

In 2016, when he turned eighteen years old, one year after signing up for Freebandz label; Tyga took him under his wing and helped launch him into stardom.

Lil Baby’s Family

Lil Baby is the oldest of four children in his family. His younger sister’s name is Makyleigh and he has two brothers, one named Chris Williams Jr.

His father was murdered when Lil Baby was only a year old so it remains unclear who his dad really is.”And I don’t know what to do,” said Leslie about this situation before adding “I’m just lost for words.”

Additionally, all we know about his mother Michelle is that she once dated Shawty Lo; another rapper from Atlanta Georgia. Furthermore, there are rumors circulating that ask if he actually does have an older brother but since no one knows whose son he truly belongs to, it makes sense why they call him ‘Baby’.