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Does Kodak Black have a Son?

Kodak Black began his career through a group named Brutal Youngnz in 2009. Then gradually became a professional rapper and released his first mixtape in 2013. According to Kodak Black, there has been a ton of questions. The most search question is ”Does Kodak Black have a son?”

Well, the answer is yes. Kodak Black has a son named King Khalid. His son is seven years old. According to social media, Kodak and his ex-girlfriend’s son is Khalid. On Instagram live, Kodak revealed that he expecting his second baby. 

Does Kodak Black have a Son
Kodak Black/Image: thefader.com

When Kodak selecting his baby name on Instagram live, he seems very happy. As a father, he wanted to name his baby name starts with ‘K’ word. He also wants help from his fans. 

On the other hand, he took his first son’s responsibility. He has to pay a fixed amount every month. Also, had a deal about health insurance. However, Kodak can meet his son anytime, this was also in the deal. 

When Black talked about his second son, he did not reveal his mother’s name. Some people suspect that the second baby was not with his fiance. On Instagram Live, we heard a female voice but did not show up in front of the camera. 

We do not know the reason why he has hidden the child’s mother. This is suspicious. Anyway, Black is happy to be a father for the second time. He is excited like his first time. 

Kodak Black’s Family

Kodak Black was brought up with his single mother’s care. His father left him at an early age. According to wikicelebs.com, he has an elder brother and younger brother. He used to spent his time with his siblings. 

As a single mother of three sons, she has to struggle for surviving. It’s not easy to maintain a large family. So, he saw poverty in his childhood. Then he decided to earn and helped his mother. 

At the age of 12, he joined a rap group and started to rap. Before joining the group, he was involved in drugs selling and other crimes. In 2014, he started to get fame. Then their condition started to change. 

The profession Kodak chose entirely change their condition. This is the best decision Kodak chose and help his mother. However, his family leads a luxurious life. 

Musical Style

Kodak was inspired and influenced by the famous rapper Chief Keef and Boosie Badazz. His music is not about present life. If you notice his musical style, you will find out his previous style. 

However, his style is different from others. His style, vocals, and lyrics are unique. Every song gave a different message. In his song, we find the previous and future crimes description. 

Moreover, Kodak enriched his English vocabulary for his career and rap songs. If you listen to his song, you will easily find out the difference. 

We see the 90s musical style in Kodak’s musical style. Kodak’s life is full of controversies and struggles. In his song, his lyrics are related to his previous life. 

How was Kodak’s Life Before Fame

Kodak started working in 2009 at the age of 12. Before 2009, he used to sell drugs and create unnecessary trouble. His life was not so favorable. 

From his childhood, he was interested in rap songs. In his opinion, he had only two options. Either sell drugs or being a rapper. Somehow, he joined a group and practice rap songs. 

However, his life is full of miserable. Because his father left them. The most important thing is he did not get famous overnight. He has to struggle and wait for his success. 

Kodak’s hard work and patience got him success. Today all over the world know him as a rapper. This is the success.