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Does Kevin Gates Use Autotune?

Kevin Gates is an American rapper and best known for his singles “I Don’t Get Tired” and “2 Phones”. Does Kevin Gates use autotune?

Well, the answer is “No.” After listening to his songs, you will understand that Kevin Gates does not use autotune for his music. Kevin Gates always makes sure his songs are unique.

Does Kevin Gates Use Autotune
Kein Gates/Image Source: @thefader.com

Did Kevin Gates ever use autotune?

Kevin Gates never uses autotune in his music. He has no interest in synthetic tunes. Kevin Gates is satisfied with his voice. That is why he always sang with his real voice.

Some people think that possibly Kevin Gates’ voice is made up of electronic sounds. By the way, Kevin Gates never replaced his real voice with a machine.

Autotune is one kind of electronic sound that changes the real tune of the music. Nowadays a few singers use autotune to touch up any minor pitch imperfections of the song.

However, Kevin Gates always uses his real voice. In 2019, a video clip was viral on the internet where Kevin Gates was seen to talk about his music and voice.

A YouTube channel shared the 32 seconds video clip. There Kevin Gates clarified that he did not use autotune in his songs. On the other hand, he proves that he does not use autotune through his live video.

If you look at Kevin Gates’ live performance, it will be clear to you that he does not use autotune. Kevin Gates performed live which was shared by a YouTube channel named “Genius.”

He performed in the “Push It” song which got over 15 million views. I hope now it is clear to all that Kevin Gates does not use autotune, he uses his real voice.

Kevin Gates’ musical style

Kevin Gates’ musical style is much different from other rappers. He always prefers to sing in a unique style. Kevin Gates has a unique voice that attracts song lovers.

Kevin Gates worked with several artists including Lil Pump & Nas. He always sings about the relationship. Anyway, Kevin Gates does not write his lyrics all the time.

The American music artist Kevin Gates is a popular hip-hop singer and he likes to sing in freestyle. He is confident to sing his songs without autotune. Thus he became a famous rapper.

Though sometimes Kevin used effects on his songs at the time of singing to give the people more entertainment, it does not mean he uses autotune.

Kevin Gates’ musical style can be classified as hip-hop. To maintain his popularity & fanbase, Kevin Gates has to make his songs in a unique musical style. Kevin Gates got emotional during a live performance in 2021.

Kevin Gates can sing in a couple of languages including Spanish. That is why his singing style is different and he is regarded as a talented rapper in the American music industry.

Kevin’s musical career

In 2007, Kevin Gates started his musical career. At the first time, he worked with a local label “Dead Game Records” which was founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2002. 

Pick of Da Litter was the first mixtape of Kevin Gates that was released in 2007. After one year, Kevin Gates released another mixtape named “All or Nuthin.” Later, his musical career became paused due to some legal issues.

After release from prison, he again focuses on his musical career. Later, he released “The Luca Brasi Story” in 2013. Kevin Gates founded a record label named Bread Winners’ Association.

The rapper released Luca Brasi 2 which had took place at the number 38 in the Billboard 200. “I Don’t Get Tired” was also a popular song that had took place in the United States Billboard Hot 100 and the song was certified Gold.

Kevin Gates’ most recent song is “President” that released on January 11, 2022. However, Kevin Gates has developed a tremendous musical career.

Achievements of Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates achieved a lot of fame throughout his whole career. Currently, he is one of the popular rappers in the United States. He is nominated a couple of times for awards including the “iHeartRadio Music Award for Best New Hip Hop” in 2017.

Later, Kevin was nominated for the “BET Hip Hop Award for Best Mixtape” in 2019. Kevin Gates’ most popular album “Islah” is certified platinum which is a great achievement for him. By the way, his popularity is increasing day by day.