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Does Kevin Gates Speak Spanish?

Kevin Gates is a rapper who was born in Louisiana and raised in Florida. Since his parents belong to Puerto Rican and African-American fans often wonder, does Kevin Gates speak Spanish?

Yes, Kevin Gates can speak Spanish.  However, he used to speak in a couple of languages. As he is an American citizen that is why he can speak English fluently. On the other hand, Kevin Gates speaks Spanish as well as Arabic.

Does Kevin Gates Speak Spanish
Kevin Gates/Image/Instagram: @iamkevingates

According to his musical career, Kevin Gates is good at these three languages. He can speak those languages fluently. That is made him much different from the other rappers.

He is half Puerto Rican due to his mother. It is known to all that Spanish is the mother language of Puerto Ricans. By the way, Spanish is also the official language besides English for Puerto Ricans.

At the age of 14, Kevin Gates lost his father unfortunately, that is why his childhood became passed with his mother. As his mother was a Puerto Rican so he learned to speak the Spanish language in his childhood.

Did Kevin Gates ever speak Spanish on live video?

Yes, Kevin Gates speaks Spanish on his Instagram live video. A few years ago, Kevin was seen to speak Spanish on his Instagram live video. Later a YouTube channel shared the video which became viral on the internet.

The duration of the video is almost eleven minutes. A lot of fan-followers were attended the live video and shared their opinions with Kevin Gates. Suddenly Kevin Gates found some Puerto Rican fans during the live video.

The rapper was showing love and respect to his Puerto Rican fans. At that time he started talking with them in the Spanish language. Kevin Gates was speaking Spanish fluently and he was seen as very cheerful.

On the other hand, a video clip was shared on Facebook where Kevin Gates was seen to speak Spanish to his wife Dreka. In that video clip, Kevin was in his private car and talking with his wife.

Kevin Gates not only speaks Spanish but also speaks English and Arabic. Sometimes the rapper is seen to speak Arabic on social media live video. We can comfortably say that the American rapper can speak those three languages properly.

Kevin Gates’ songs in the Spanish language

Kevin Gates sang a lot of songs in the Spanish language. As an American rapper, most of his song lyrics are in the English language. Kevin achieved a lot of fame through his enormous voice and excellent rapping style.

Currently, he is one of the popular rappers in the American music industry. Generally, Kevin Gates has liked the Spanish language and he decided to sing with Spanish lyrics.

Although Kevin Gates is good at the Spanish language, it does not mean he will sing every song in Spanish. Kevin Gates can also write his song’s lyrics in the Spanish language.

Some songs of Kevin Gates in the Spanish language:

Song NameReleasing Year
Luv BugMay 31, 2019
Cuban LinksOctober 11, 2019
La FamiliaSeptember 3, 2015
Puerto Rico LuvFebruary 19, 2021
Cartel SwagApril 12, 2021

In 2021, Kevin Gates released a song in the Spanish language “Puerto Rico Luv” which got about 9 million views. After releasing this song, he earned a lot of fame from the Puerto Rican citizens. 

Kevin Gates’ interview in the Spanish language

As a celebrity Kevin Gates gives lots of interviews in front of the media and social media platforms. However, most of the time the rapper was seen to speak Spanish along with English.

Kevin Gates used to speak Spanish from his personal choice. He liked to speak in Spanish since his childhood. He has some video vlog where he is seen to speak Spanish. 

On 2nd March 2021, Kevin Gates shared a video on kevingatesTV that he was reporting from La Isla Del Encanto. The place is known as Puerto Rico (an Island).

Kevin Gates was gone on a trip and made a video vlog. In that video, Kevin Gates was sharing his experience about the trip in the Spanish language. However, I hope it is clear to all that Kevin Gates can speak Spanish.


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