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Does Kevin Gates Have a Degree?

Kevin Gates is a rapper and singer from Louisiana. He is also a successful entrepreneur, owning a record label and a clothing line. As an entrepreneur, does Kevin Gates have a degree?

Kevin Gates has a master’s degree in psychology. But he did not attend a university to earn this degree. Kevin Gates got his master’s degree through a prison program. Keep reading it, hope your confusion will be clear.

Does Kevin Gates Have a Degree
Kevin Gates/Source/hiphopdx.com

Why there are many speculations about Kevin’s education?

Currently, there are so many speculations about Kevin Gates’ educational qualifications. Because Kevin Gates is working in the music industry for over one decade and he briefly attended a college./

Possibly for this reason his fan-followers are becoming very excited to know if he has any degree or not. By the way, the American rapper Kevin Gates confirmed publicly that he has a degree in psychology.

How did Kevin Gates earn a degree?

Kevin Gates earned a master’s degree in psychology. According to Kevin’s statement, he earned the degree between 2008 and 2011. Generally, people completed graduation from University but Kevin Gates did not attend a university.

He earned a master’s degree while he was in jail. He gets it through a prison program. Kevin Gates was arrested in 2008 due to breaking the law of the United States.

Later, he was sentenced to more than two years in prison. Kevin Gates claimed that he completed his master’s degree through a special prison program in jail. He got the degree differently.

Once Kevin Gates was asked if he has any degree or not. Kevin Gates clarified that he has a master’s degree. The rapper added that he never went to college to get a degree.

He attended a local college for a little while. But unfortunately, he was arrested by the American police due to lawbreaking. Kevin Gates was released from prison and went over there.

It was for a semester or two when Kevin Gates went over the college. He did not attend any classes because he was in jail. Kevin Gates said that he attended college in prison.

There had some programs in certain facilities where Kevin Gates completed his degree. An administrator had given a test after a certain study. After release from prison, Kevin Gates confirmed that he have a Master’s degree in psychology.

Kevin Gates’ education before earning a degree

Talking about education, Kevin Gates completed his early education in a local school in his hometown. Later he studied at McKinley High School located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the United States.

Kevin Gates attended a public community college named Baton Rouge Community College in Louisiana. The rapper briefly attended the college due to some unknown reasons at the age of 17.

A bad impact had fallen on Kevin’s education because of losing his father at an early age. He had struggled to complete his graduation. Because Kevin did not get enough support from his family.

On the other hand, he was arrested due to legal issues. That is why Kevin could not attend University to earn a degree. By the way, he earned a master’s degree in psychology through a special prison program.

Kevin Gates’ career after gaining a degree

Kevin Gates achieved a degree while he was in jail. After releasing from jail he did not join a company as an employee. Because he had an interest in music from his childhood.

Kevin Gates focused on his musical career after releasing from prison. He was in jail for more than two years. In 2012, Kevin Gates released a mixtape “Em Believe” which got lots of views within a short time. Thus he became more famous.

Later, Kevin Gates signed a contract with the management wing of the label. Possibly he also got an offer to work with the Young Money Entertainment record label. But he did not deal with the record label company.

Bryan Christopher Williams gave him an idea to build up his record label. After that Kevin Gates released “The Luca Brasi Story” in 2013. It was released from his Bread Winner’s Association record label.

In 2017, Kevin Gates was again arrested by the American police. That is why Kevin Gates’ musical career was effectively paused. Later, his spouse released a mixtape “By Any Means 2” while Kevin remain in jail.

The song took place on the Billboard 200. Kevin Gates was arrested several times. By the way, the rapper was released early from jail due to good behavior.