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Does Gunna Have kids?

Gunna is a rapper, singer-songwriter, and record producer from Atlanta. His real name is Sergio Giavanni Kitchens. He debuted in the music industry under his stage name Gunna after collaborating with Young Thug on multiple occasions. Does Gunna Have kids?

In a new interview with Vogue Hommes, Gunna reveals that he doesn’t have kids. He explains his reasoning behind this decision. Gunna says that he’s not sure if it will ever happen for him because of the lifestyle he leads as an artist.

Does Gunna Have kids

Anyway, Gunna is not married yet. In his social media account, he posted about his busy schedule and he said that it’s not the right time for him to start a relationship.

Gunna has been dating a girl for about four years now. His girlfriend’s name is Jai Nice but it hasn’t been confirmed if they are married yet or not.

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Personal Life

In 2021, Gunna sent a message to his future wife via Twitter. In this tweet, he said, “You should start getting ready”.

This Tweet was confused all of his fans and they started to speculate if he was expecting a new baby.

It is not sure if this was meant as a joke or it’s something that might happen soon because of some speculation about him and Jai Nice.

The speculation might be because Gunna posted multiple pictures of himself sleeping on the couch in November with Jai Nice holding him.

That caused people to think it could have been an implication that she’s pregnant.

Gunna has previously stated how much he wants kids so this would not be out of the question for him- especially at such a young age!

But unfortunately, there is no confirmation from either party about those speculations yet.

So, many people were wondering if we should expect some good news soon but these questions are still up in the air!

The world still waits if this will happen or not! We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next with these two love birds!

But, one thing is for sure- Gunna doesn’t have kids but we can hope in the near future that will be changing.

In December of 2018, a woman named Jena Frumes accused Gunna of getting her pregnant and not following up on his responsibility.

He denied the accusations but many believe that he was really the father. Because they were in contact with one another at the time she conceived.

Another controversy around Gunna is that he has been dodging female fans by covering himself with jackets. Also walking away when girls ask to take pictures with him.

How Did Gunna Start?

He has collaborated with some big names in hip-hop. Such as Young Thug, Future, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and many more.

One of his most popular songs was called ‘Drip Too Hard’ which featured Offset from Migos on the track. The song peaked at number 20 on Billboard Hot 100 list back in September 2018.

He did release a new album in November of this year where we get our turkey dinner.