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Does Gucci Mane Have a Master’s Degree?

Does Gucci Mane have a master’s degree? The answer to that is complicated. On the one hand, he does not show any evidence of having a graduate degree on his social media profiles. On the other hand, there are rumors that he does have a master’s degree and does not want it widely known because it might affect his credibility as an artist or rapper.

Given all this information, what can we conclude about whether or not Gucci Mane has a master’s degree? We cannot be sure!

The answer is no. Gucci Mane attended Elementary school. But does not have any post-secondary education or degree of any kind from a university or college. So, Mane has a master’s degree is a rumor. 

Does Gucci Mane Have a Master’s Degree

In an interview, he does mention that he is interested in getting his high school diploma.

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Gucci Mane does not have a bachelor’s degree but does want to get his GED. He does say this during an interview on Power 105 FM with Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God. So we know for sure the Gucci doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree because he says so himself!

In another video from the same interview, however, Mane denies having any kind of post-secondary education or graduate degree when asked about it by radio host Big Boy.


Gucci Mane’s mother was a teacher. She taught him to read at an early age that time, Gucci read Bible and spend most of the time reading Bible.

His First school was Jonesboro Elementary., then he went to Fayetteville High School where does have graduated.

After moved to Atlanta, he joined another school named Cedar Grove Elementary School. He was very attentive and stay good in school.

Though he did not participate in any sports, he was considered an athlete. If you see his early life, you will notice he did not have any music career, his focus was on school.

From an early age, he was learned from his mother but after school, he did not get any chance to continue his study.

Life in Alabama

Gucci Mane spent his early life in Alabama. . From his childhood, he was very intelligent and does not want to do anything that does not have good for him.

He always wanted to be a rapper but it does not seem like he did any music career at the beginning of life. Because from an early age, Gucci Mane’s focus was on school. He only had some artwork work before becoming famous as a rapper. He left high school when he got into trouble with drugs and never went back again.

After his father’s second marriage, he did not have contact with his father. That time, they went through a hard time.

Gucci’s Early Career

Before he started to become famous as an artist and rapper in 2005, Gucci was already arrested for armed robbery.

After getting out of jail, he did not pay attention to his music career. But he wanted to do a good job and not who does something for him.

He was very intelligent and does not want to do anything that does not have good for him.

In 2005, Gucci released his first independent debut album ”Trap House” with a friend of his named D.I.A., and it was an instant hit on the streets.

He also released other albums including 2009’s ”The State vs Radric Davis”,2010’s ‘Spotlight,’2011’s ‘Dedication,”2012’s “Brick Factory”,2013’s “Guilty Pleasure” and 2014’s “Mr.”

With some of these albums being more successful than others, he has had numerous collaborations with artists such as Drake, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, or Nicki Minaj that does not make all music fans happy.

Gucci does not care what people think, he is just trying to do his job the best way possible and make money while doing it.

He does not mind making a name for himself but does want to be seen as someone who does something instead of being told what to do all the time by other people or bosses in life.

In 2009, Gucci Mane was arrested on charges of assault after attacking an employee at Atlanta’s airport. This led him to serve six months in prison- which slowed down his music career because no one wanted anything from him once they knew about this charge against him.

Luckily enough, when he got out of jail he made some serious changes so that nothing like that can happen again.