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Does Future Have a Brother?

Future, a well-known American rapper has been known to have children with multiple women. The question of whether or not he has a brother is one that many people are curious about.

We will explore the likelihood that Future does have a brother and what his name might be if he does exist!

Future has a younger brother. In the rap game who was known as a Rocko. He is a rapper too. Future’s brother, known on stage as Rocko Da Don is the youngest of six kids. He was watching his big brother become one of America’s most famous rappers ever!

Does Future Have a Brother

Rocko has been seen by many people to be a “clone” or copy of Future. They have very similar voices, styles, tattoos that mirror each other and even some mannerisms are identical such as their hand gestures when they perform!

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It does not matter if he actually is a clone or just really admired him for being so successful from afar- either way. It would make perfect sense why Future would want to give this person opportunities despite them having no blood ties at all.

Future’s Early Life

Future was born in Atlanta Georgia on November 20th, 1983. His mother raised him and his five siblings as a single parent after divorcing their father when Future was three years old.

She had to work two jobs just to provide for the family but they still struggled financially throughout most of Future’s childhood due to her lack of education and skills.

When he graduated from high school, his mom encouraged him not to pursue music because she did not think it would pay off well enough with so much competition. Because there were plenty of rappers who came from worse backgrounds than them.

But even without a diploma or any other form of higher education, he got support from many people around him. Including family members that gave him confidence in going against his comfort zone.

He has to struggle through hard times and it paid off. Talented, Future has a skill that he turned into his career path.

Music is not the only thing that Future does well-he’s also an entrepreneur at heart with various business ventures to back up those skills as well.

He wants people to stop judging him because of where he came from or what injuries sustained during childhood left him without two fingers on one hand.

In his childhood, He used to suffer from depression, but he dealt with it and now has a better outlook.

He knows life can be tough sometimes he had to grow up in poverty. His father was incarcerated for various crimes while he was growing up. At age 17, Future’s mother died from brain cancer leaving the family without income or health insurance.

Before Fame

He started out as a member of the rap collective, DTP, but had to go solo because he was told that it would be too difficult for him to find success within the group dynamic.

In 2007 he released “True Story” on Dirty Sprite which made people take notice of this new talent from Atlanta. He did not stop there: before long Future became one of the most talked-about rappers in hip-hop circles.

One example is when Drake remixed an old song by Taylor Swift called “Jumpman”. That remix helped propel Future into mega-stardom all over again receiving millions upon millions of streams and downloads globally especially in Canada.

He also had a lot of success with “F&N” and other singles from his album, EVOL.

Future recently released his newest project called HNDRXX which is quickly climbing the charts globally. He even won an award for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards this past year against Drake but there were no hard feelings because they’re still friends to this day.

The BET awards were hosted by Chris Rock who made many jokes about President Trump which resulted in some people walking out on him before he could finish hosting duties for the evening’s festivities.

Future has been nominated once again for Best Male Hip-Soft Artist at next year’s show.