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Does Dr. Dre Wear New Shoes Every Day?

Dr. Dre is a rapper, producer, and entrepreneur. He also goes by the name Dr.Dre or just DRE with nicknames such as “World Renowned Recording Artist”. Does he wear new shoes every day?

The answer is yes. In the recent documentary, “The Defiant Ones,” Dr. Dre talks candidly about his life and career with Jimmy Iovine. One of the more interesting anecdotes is when he reveals that he wears a new pair of shoes every day – just like Steve Jobs did! 

Does Dr. Dre Wear New Shoes Every Day

“I wear a different shoe each day so I don’t get bored,” says Dr. Dre, “People say my sneaker game is crazy.”

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Dr. Dre has never shied away from being flashy and some of his most famous kicks were designed by him, which made them sought-after collectibles among fans.

“I think it’s a sign of respect for the shoe,” he says in the doco about wearing different shoes every day. “I have so many shoes, I wear ’em and then they go in the closet.”

However, he does admit that at some point his feet start to hurt. “I know when my shoe game is too crazy because it’s like my foot hurts,” says Dr. Dre.

But wearing a different pair every day means he never has to deal with that problem!

Dre’s Fancy Lifestyle

In his career, he earned much and lead a fancy lifestyle.

According to Forbes, Dr. Dre was the richest hip hop artist of 2012 with an estimated net worth of $110 million. This number has taken into account not just cash but also property holdings too.

It’s been reported that Dr.Dre earns up to $100 thousand for every beat he produces which could be the reason why people say my sneaker game is crazy.

Everyone has a different hobby just like Dre has a hobby to a wear new pair every day. Some people think that it’s kind of weird or show off.

He is a wealthy man because of how much money he makes for producing beats and other things, not just from music sales.

Recently we saw his sneakers closet tour on his social media account. He chose the Nike brand for his sneakers.

As a producer, he makes $100,000 for every beat and also is a successful rapper. He earned a lot and leads a fashionable and comfortable life.

As a producer, Dr. Dre makes $100,000 for every beat and also is a successful rapper who has earned much of his money through music sales and other ventures.

Though he wears the same model and brand shoes in the video, we found out it’s just him being cool. Recently we saw his sneakers closet tour on his social media account.

Dre’s Earning Source

He has earned much of his wealth through music sales as well as being successful in many additional endeavors like acting and production work.

Being a rapper, he earned much from his show and music industry. Dr. Dre is an American rapper who was born on February 18th, 1965, also known by his stage name “Doctor”.

He became famous after releasing The Chronic in 1992 with Death Row Records which made him one of the most successful rappers at that time.

Also gave rise to the G-Funk genre of rap alongside other West Coast rappers like Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Nate Dogg. In 1996 Dr. Dre released ‘The Great Rapper’, producing hits like Still DRE and What’s The Difference Between You & Me.

His third album 2001 helped make up some ground following the death of his close friend and fellow rapper Tupac Shakur.

He later introduced Apple Inc’s line of iPods with a program called “iTunes” that allowed people to download music onto their own computers.

Dr. Dre has three children: Curtis James, Trey Smith Jr., and Truly Young Janae Shirell Thompson. Dr. Dre is married to Nicole Threatt-Smith and they have been together since 1990s when she was his girlfriend at the time.”

Interscope Records signed him as an artist after he had released The Chronic album which put Death Row Records out of business for good.”