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Does Chloe Ting Work for Guys?

Chloe Ting is an Australian fitness trainer and Youtuber. She is more popular for her youtube videos. Along with fitness videos, she also creates makeup tutorials and travel content. Does Chloe Ting Work for Guys?

Chloe Ting works for guys. Generally, she creates videos for both men and women. In her videos, nothing is mention such as only for males or females. Anyone can follow her videos to be fit. Her main intention is to help and inspire people to stay healthy. 

Does Chloe Ting Work for Guys
Chole Ting (via Instagram @chloe_t)

I watched her several workout videos but did not see any exercise that bad for men. In general, if a workout is good for men, it is also good for women and vice versa. 

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Ting created some exercises about common issues like weight loss, burn lots of calories, and so on. Her workout videos are uploaded on her youtube account named Chloe Ting. 

At the beginning of her channel, she used to upload fashion and travel videos. After that, she focused on fitness videos. Then, she gained huge popularity after uploading fitness videos. 


Though she was an actuarial analyst right now she is a YouTuber. Ting quit her job and open her youtube channel. In 2011, she began her journey as a YouTuber and uploaded her first video in August. 

In her channel, she uploads healthy food recipes, weekly workout videos, and fun videos. People can easily follow her videos without any charge. 

During Covid-19, she used to upload many workout videos to support people in difficult situations. This time her videos went viral and gained a different level of a fanbase. 

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Chole Ting / Image / Instagram: @chloe_t

However, her most popular video was Get Abs in 2 WEEKS which was one of the trendings videos of her youtube career. In this video, people get her abs in 2 weeks if they follow her every exercise.

These days, people are busy with several schedules so they can not get enough time to exercise. So, Ting created a short time workout video that helped people to get abs in 2 weeks.

People can easily follow a 2 weeks program. They lost their concentration in a long time program. That’s why Chloe developed short-time workouts. 

Another program 2 Weeks Shred Challenge is also a popular exercise. It is a weight loss program. A 2 weeks program is easier to commit to, and you can always do it twice.

Ting maintains her regularity to upload videos. Every week, she uploads at least two videos. Her passion for fitness makes her maintain regularity. 

Ting achieved much fame from her fitness career. After her fame, she was the brand ambassador of Gym Shark. 

Fashion Videos

From her childhood, Chloe was very keen and passionate about makeup, outfit, and fashion. As a Youtuber, she began her career by making a fashion video. 

Her fashion video title was very creatives like Winter lookbook. For doing these videos, she has to be conscious about fashion. 

People loved to watch these kinds of videos. Ting created every season’s outfit videos. She also created festive looks and people loved it. 

From these videos, she got huge responses and was inspired to continue. Ting did her best to help people who were not conscious about fashion. 

Because of her appearance in the fashion industry, she gained a lot of fame. After her fashion videos, she started working as a brand ambassador. 

Ting was earning from her youtube and it depends on the video view. When she began to fitness videos, she got famous and earned more. 

However, she also gave beauty tips and tricks. Her makeup tutorial went viral on social media. 

Travel Vlogs

Chloe was also interested in travel vlogging. So, she started to vlog with her boyfriend. As a Youtuber, she uploaded her vlogging on her channel. 

Ting was so passionate about traveling that she regularly visited different countries and upload beautiful images on Instagram. All credit goes to her boyfriend behind her beautiful pictures on Instagram. 

Being a travel vlogger is blessed, you can know the unknown and see the unseen at a time. at the same time, it is also your source of income. 

Moreover, you can feel nature and vlog at the same time. In her early life, quit a job and made youtube videos was not easy for her.

Chloe is not only a Youtuber but also a Tiktoker. She has a TikTok account named chloe_t that has above 550k followers. In TikTok videos, she used to upload her exercise videos. 

Besides, she has gained the same popularity in TikTok videos. People loved to watch her videos and appreciated her works. 

Throughout these years, she earned popularity with her hard work and skill. She worked for several brands like ZARA, Chloe Paris, Panasonic, La Belle Miette, and so on. 


In 2020, Ting won the Streamy Awards for working on the fitness and health category. In the same year, she became the finalist of the AACTA Awards. 

Ting got her silver play button from youtube. It was a big achievement as a Youtuber. As an online fitness trainer, she reached her goal with her skill. 


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