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Does Bad Bunny Speak English?

The multi-talented rapper Bad Bunny is also known as a singer and songwriter. He is famous for his vocal style, deep lyrics, and fashion sense. However, there has been a ton of questions regarding Bad Bunny’s life. The most popular one is “Does Bad Bunny Speak English?”

Well, the answer is yes. Bad Bunny speaks in English. However, he used to rap in three languages. The languages are Spanish, English, and Spanglish. According to his rapping career, he is good at these three languages. Even, we saw him give interviews in English.

Does Bad Bunny Speak English
Bad Bunny / Image / Instagram: @badbunny.pr

Moreover, he hosted a show in the Spanish language in 2015. Then people learned that he could speak Spanish. People got confused when they have seen him speak fluent English. If you saw his interview, he spoke Spanish most of the time.

According to his interview, he is also comfortable with English. If you notice his songs, you will get your answer. Moreover, he went to ”The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” show to promote his album. In this show, he spoke English. 

Bad Bunny’s Songs in Mixed Language

Bad Bunny first collaborated with the American rapper Cardi B. In her album, he raped in mixed language. For the first time, he collaborated on a rap song. 

Bad Bunny / Image / Instagram: @badbunny.pr

However, Bad bunny’s most of the songs are in the Spanish language. But you got every song with the English lyrics. This is not a big deal. Bunny is good at English does not mean he will sing every song in English. 

Besides, Bunny has written his song’s lyrics. He used to sing in a slurry tone, conversational tone, and unique melodies. Anyway, he was inspired by famous singers Daddy Yankee, Héctor Lavoe, and Vico C. 

Moreover, he was interested in hip-hop, trap, and rock music. His interest in hip-hop and pop music increased when he first invented English music. Because of his interest in English, he started to make songs in the English language. 

Bunny’s Interview in the English Language

As a rapper of America, most of his fans belong to America, and they used to speak in English. If you want to connect to your fans, you have to know their language. 

English is his native language. So, he knows English naturally. Even he has taught the host Spanish language. If you watch his interview, you will find out about Bunny’s funny side. 

Even in Award functions interview, he used to speak in English. If you know English, you can communicate with anyone, and anywhere.