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Does Akon Have a Private Jet?

Akon is a world-famous rapper, singer, songwriter, businessman, and philanthropist. He has been in the music industry for over ten years now. As an artist, he has sold millions of albums worldwide and collaborated with many other big names like Lady Gaga, Eminem, and Pitbull.

Recently Akon was seen out at Coachella Festival riding on a private jet. But does this mean that he owns his own plane?

The answer is yes. Akon has a private jet. He was seen many times to travel his private jet. As a millionaire, it’s normal to have a private jet. To lead a luxurious life, Akon brought a private jet.

Does Akon Have a Private Jet

In an interview, Akon said about his private jet. “I had been contemplating for the last five years. I was like, ‘Man am I really going to do this?’ But it’s actually crazy out there right now.”

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It is not just that Akon has a private jet but he also does many philanthropic activities and takes time off his schedule to work on them when needed.

Moreover, he protects children from abuse by working with organizations such as The Empowerment Program in Africa, Save Our Streets Kids Foundation here in America, and SOS Children’s Villages of Rwanda.

He also supports disaster relief efforts by raising funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 and donating $250K to earthquake-ravaged Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake.

Luxury Life-Style

Akon does not have a private jet but he does live a lavish lifestyle.

Akon has said, “I don’t really like flying,” which may explain why the rapper does not attempt to fly on his own when possible. He is known for living in mansions and always being surrounded by luxury items such as expensive cars.

He was born into poverty yet found fame with Akon records, Konvict Music, Mpire Records, and many other ventures that provide him with an extravagant lifestyle.

Having a private jet is considered the “mark of success” for wealthy people in society today so it implies his wealth. He earned much money from his music career which allowed him to spend on lavish things like mansions and expensive cars.

akon - private jet
akon private
Akon/ Image / Instagra: @akon

In a recent interview, Akon told about his early life. He said that he grew up in an impoverished area of Senegal and that the first time he saw a private jet was when one landed to pick him up for his new life. He said it looked like “a movie.” Now, he has his private jet.


Every celeb has to face some controversies. Sometimes it creates for their fault and sometimes people spread whatever they guess.t from the internet.

Akon has been accused of being a “charity hoarder” and not actually doing much for charity work himself, but his company does seem to have some humanitarian projects in Africa.

He was also criticized following Hurricane Katrina because he didn’t show up on-site to help out with relief efforts, which is something that celebrities like George Clooney did without hesitation.

But despite these controversies, Akon remains one of the wealthiest artists today. These kinds of controversies did not affect his work.

Akon did not take it seriously because he had to move on and focus on his career.

Famous Work

In his career, Akon did some great work for his fans-followers.

Akon released several songs and albums, some of which have gotten a lot of attention because they were collaborations with other famous artists. He performed in different places around the world as well. He’s done concerts in countries like Haiti, Morocco, Russia, and India.

Akon had many hits on his own “Lonely,” “Smack That” Troublemaker (with Kanye West), Lonely Girl ft Justin Bieber All I Do Is Win Ghetto ft Snoop Dogg & Lloyd Banks) With Eminem for Recovery.

He also sang a duet titled ‘Hold My Hand’ with the legendary pop-star Michael Jackson. Actually, he collaborates with many famous celebs.

As a legendary musician, Akon can’t seem to stop making music. He will continue till people wants him.

His most famous song Don’t Matter which is released in 2007. This song achieved a lot and because of his album Konvicted, Akon won three Grammy Awards.

The album also received a nomination for the American Music Award. It became number-one in many countries around the world.”

In addition to being an artist, he is active as a businessman too. He has his own record label called Konvict Muzik which was established in 2005.