Action Bronson is a rapper who has been in the media spotlight for many years now. Some people have speculated that he may have a child. In this article, I will explore if there is any truth to those rumors or not.

That’s not a rumor, Action Bronson has three children. He has two children with her ex-girlfriend. In 2019, he has a son with his current girlfriend. Actually, he stays quiet about his personal life. But in 2017, he posted an update about his girlfriend’s pregnancy.  

Does Action Bronson Have a Kid

In his Instagram post, we saw his image with the baby boy. The caption read, “My son. My blood.” So it’s confirmed that he has a child with the woman in his Instagram post. 

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Bronson talked about her children in an interview. He said that he’s more involved in his children’s lives. He even takes them to school and picks them up from daycare.

Is Action Bronson an attentive dad?

Action Bronson shares the responsibilities of parenting with his girlfriend. But they are also separated by their careers too often. However, when it comes down to it he says “I will always be around for my kids.”

In another interview, he explains how important fatherhood is!! because of what happened to him as a child: “My father died pretty early, so I grew up without one male figure in the house…

Whatever you do wrong or good becomes your responsibility at some point”. The pressure was coming from responsibility.

Action Bronson used to spent his leisure time with his father. The two would go to the movies, play catch and do lots of other things as a family unit.

“My dad was my best friend,” he says. “We had so much fun together.” His voice trails off wistfully at the memory.

He still has emotional ties with his father because they were close. Also, he misses him dearly and sees himself in his children’s eyes when he is not around them.

In an interview, Action Bronson shares that having kids changed his whole perspective on life.

His latest album was a family affair; his father wrote the song “Easy Rider” for him when he took care of Action Bronson’s mother during her cancer treatment before she passed away.

Bronson as a father

In 2011, Action Bronson was a father for the first time. His daughter had just turned one.

He said that he didn’t know what to expect at first when it came to parenting because his parents were not in touch with him much.

Action Bronson has been seen out with his son on many occasions since they are close as can be! He takes care of him by himself without any help from anyone else or even having babysitters around.

The two have a lot of fun together playing catch, going fishing in Central Park, and doing other things like watching movies.

Bronson has told people how important he thinks it is to spend quality time with your kids instead of working and moving around.

However, he used to post his children’s image on social media. He does not post them anymore and has deleted all of the images that he had posted in his old journals.

He also said they were just drawing pictures, but it still is not right to use your children’s image without their permission. Since they are minors who cannot legally consent on those topics or anything else for that matter!

Action Bronson often goes back and forth about whether or not fatherhood was worth it. Because being a parent can be hard work at times with no help from anyone else sometimes. 

However, Action Bronson seems like he loves being able to spend time with his son!

Action’s Life After Becoming a Father

The rapper has been celebrated for being a new dad, but he’s also had to face the difficult task of dealing with people who don’t think having kids is good enough.

Some people in Action Bronson’s personal life have said things like “you’re not going to be able to do what you want because there will always be someone else.”

He claps back at this saying: “I’ve heard it all before and I’m already accustomed to it. So when somebody says something about how is me making music changes my priorities or what not?

Action Bronson talks about becoming a father on his latest album Mr. Wonderful. It was released in 2015 when he became a full-time parent.

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