Is Action Bronson still alive? It’s a question that many of his fans have been asking themselves. The famous rapper has not been seen in public since the end of 2017, and he deleted his Twitter account.

Rumors are swirling about what happened to him, but nobody seems to know for sure. In this blog post, we will look at some of the theories behind what might have happened to him!

He is still alive, and we should be patient. The rumor was spread through social media. The rapper’s own Instagram account may have confirmed that he is not dead! On December 31st, 2017 he posted an image of the album cover artwork from Action Bronson & Statik Selektah’s “Blue Chips 7000.” 

Is Action Bronson Alive

He has been kidnapped by representatives of a foreign government. They want to keep him hostage for ransom or as leverage against his family, friends, and loved ones.

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He is dead and the rumor was just a prank. The rapper has been in rehab for addiction to drugs, including methadone.

In December, he posted on Instagram that his “curtains are closed.” This could be interpreted as a hint of death or resignation due to drug use.

It could also mean he’s taking time off from social media-or it simply means nothing at all!

How the rumor Spread?

The rumor that Action Bronson is dead spread from the website, on December 31st of 2017.

It has since been shared by an unknown number of people via Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

There are many blog posts about this subject matter circulating online as well- including articles published by Billboard Magazine in 2018 stating he had died.

But the news was later proven false after a live performance emerged with him. Performing at The Queen Elizabeth Theatre for Canadian Music Week Festival on March 13th, 2018!

Action Bronson’s last album release date was October 27th,2017. So, it could be assumed that there might not be any new music coming out anytime soon if the rapper really did die.

All the rumors turn false after releasing his latest album ‘Only For Dolphins’ in 2020. Then people finally believe that he is still alive.

Bronson Faced several Accidents

Bronson Faced several Accidents in his life, and the most notable one was when he crashed a dirt bike and got injured to the point of being on crutches for six months.

He also suffered from a seizure that leads him to be hospitalized so much he needed surgery due to complications from it.

He later went through rehab but left after only two weeks citing creative differences with health care professionals as an excuse.

However, there is no verified information about this incident confirming if Action Bronson actually died or not at some point in time.

Because people can’t seem to agree what really happened during these incidents where Bronsolino’s status has been unclear!

When he crashed a dirt bike, people believe that he was dead and went to heaven. But that’s not true.

If you were to ask me what I think, then my answer is yes!! Action Bronson died on the dirt bike but came back because of heaven’s generosity.

Life after Faced accident

The rapper and cook, Action Bronson has been on a hiatus for over two years since the Faced accident. The incident took place in November of 2015. When he suffered multiple fractures to his face while performing at Terminal West in Atlanta.

While some people thought that the injury would be enough for him to retire from music. It seems as if he will never stop making albums because it is what makes him happy.

This time around, Action Bronson’s album was released independently with no major label backing. This could have contributed to its low sales numbers coming in under 50K copies sold.

During its first week out but this didn’t seem to bother him too much as he joked about being broke last year after failing to sell more than 100K copies. However, he went through a crucial time after his accident.

Action Bronson’s Current Situation

Action Bronson’s current situation is a little foggy. The rapper was scheduled to perform at the 90/94 Music Festival in Chicago on September 15th but that did not happen.

Because he was arrested that morning for drug possession and ticketed $2500 bail. After his car was pulled over by police with two containers of weed and vials of crack cocaine found inside!

This event forced Action Bronson to cancel the concert because he could not make it back from jail before showtime. His father met him there instead, who later tweeted: “The judge let my son out!!! He has been released.”

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