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Does 21 Savage Have a Degree?

21 Savage is a hugely successful rapper. Have you ever wondered if 21 Savage has a degree? You would think that someone with his level of success would have at least one college degree.

However, the answer is no. The rapper was kicked out of school in 8th grade and never went back. It’s not surprising though, he grew up in poverty with a drug-addict mother who wasn’t able to provide for him financially or emotionally.

Does 21 Savage Have a Degree

Some sources claim that he attended college and dropped out because it interfered with his music career. others say that 21 has never set foot in an institution of higher learning. We don’t know for sure!

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The rapper was expelled from school in the eighth grade. At that time, he was caught with a gun at his school.

He later explained that he had been expelled because of the incident, not for any gang involvement or fighting at school, which is a common misconception.

However, it’s clear that even from an early age 21 Savage was drawn to illegal activities. This poor upbringing leads him down a dangerous path and ended up getting him kicked out.

That means that he never went to college or university, and has no degrees of any kind. He’s managed to become a successful musician without having gone to higher education.

Before Fame

Before his fame, he faced many incidents that were dangerous and changed his life. Even at a time, he joined a gang in Atlanta and selling cannabis.

Before fame With all these incidents happening in his life so young- especially with joining gangs in Atlanta -and sell cannabis this was a tough time for him.

Early career, which helped lead to his success, and now he is one of the most famous rappers in the world.

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21 Savage / Image / Instagram: @21savage

Successful Music Career

He still doesn’t have a degree but he has achieved so much without going to school or university.

Achieved success and fame without higher education degrees: 21 Savage can be seen as an inspiration- even at such a young age where it might seem like that’s not possible with no college degree.

To become successful by just focusing on your passions instead of getting stuck in school.

No Degrees Despite Successful Music Career

“21 Savage don’t need to go back to high school” was said by many people who are fans of his music. Because his fans respect him so much, they don’t think he needs to go back and get a high school diploma.

In some ways, 21 Savage is seen as an inspiration for people who are trying to achieve success in their life- even if it means not going back to college or university.

He can be looked up to by many young artists because of his determination towards achieving success without any higher education degrees.

It’s also worth noting that “21 savage doesn’t need no degree” was said by fans of the rapper when he made this announcement about quitting school- meaning that others look up to him and how far he has come with just his passion for music.

Through following your passions through dedication and hard work instead of focusing on getting stuck in educational institutions.