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Does 2 Chainz Have a Degree?

The legendary rapper 2 Chainz is gaining recognition for his hip-hop performance. Including 2 Chainz, there has been a ton of questions. He faced several rumors also for his education. Now people are searching for his degree. Does 2 Chainz have a degree?

Well, no one knows the real answer. This kind of information is nearly impossible to verify. According to Wikipedia, 2 Chainz transferred to Alabama State University to play basketball for the university team. Other sources The crocodile explained that Chainz made an excuse to finish his degree in Chemistry. 

Does 2 Chainz Have a Degree
2 Chainz/Image Source: complex.com

On his education issue, he faced a rumor. According to the rumor, Chainz completed his graduation from Alabama State University with a 4.0 GPA. Many online newspapers published the news with big titles. 

However, 2 Chainz cleared the rumor. Chainz stated that he wanted to fix everything somehow new issue came out. If you notice, you will get the point. 

Having a 4.0 GPA is tough, and very few can get it with good luck. As a rapper, he can not get enough time for education. How can he get this GPA? If you think, you can get the answer. 

Everyone know about his school and then joined the university story. But he did not join the university to achieve a degree. His intention was to play for the team.

Moreover, people also searching 2 Chainz have a phd. It’s tough to answer this kind of question. However, we do not have an answer to this question. For security purposes, 2 Chainz wants to keep his privacy. 

In an interview, 2 Chainz told, not to believe anything on the internet. ”Don’t believe anything on Wack-ipedia”- said 2 Chainz. There has been a lot of fake news and rumors. If you believe everything, you can not find the true one. 

2 Chainz’s Life in Georgia

In his childhood in Georgia was not preferable. He has to struggle and lead a hard life. 2 Chainz was raised by his single mother. 

His life in Georgia was not good. On Twitter, he shared his bitter memory such as “I remember when we didn’t have hot water and I didn’t want my friends to know, so I told them it was something wrong with that bathroom.

Moreover, his mother has to work hard for living expenses as a single mother. Chainz was not good at the study so his childhood was carefree. When he joined the rap industry, his luck started to change.

After his fame, Chainz started to give rent to single mothers. He has a foundation in Georgia named TRU foundation. Through this foundation, he offered single mothers to pay their rent for a year.

Besides, he also assured them to give new furniture. He told to them “I’m not saying y’all can’t do it… I was raised by a single-parent mum. I’m here to help jump-start.”

His life in Georgia was fully changed after his fame. In his childhood, he can not get any facilities. Now he tried to help others through his capacity. 

2 Chainz’s Early Career

Before he started to be famous as a rapper, he has to struggle in his early life. Because of his hard work and patient, he has been able to be a success. 

Early in his music career, he faced criticism for his pseudonym Tity Boi. Then he decided to change his name. Finally, he changed his stage name to 2 Chainz in 2011. 

After changing his stage name, he released a mixtape album called ”T.R.U. REALigion”. Through this album, he took position on Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. 

Moreover, 2 Chainz has a restaurant called Escobar that is situated in Atlanta. Even he wrote a cookbook named #MEALTIME. In his restaurant, he decorated with famous artist’s images.