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Is Chief Keef Alive in 2023?

The American rapper Chief Keef is also known as a record producer. He started rapping at an early age and earned fame early in his career. There is news about his death on social media. Let’s find the reality. Is Chief Keef alive?

Well, the answer is yes. Chief Keef is alive and doing great. In 2019, Keef got shot in front of the W Hotel in Times Square. During that time, he was with his teammate for an event. They all were saved from this incident. Keef’s death was a rumor that spread through social media. 

Is Chief Keef Alive
Chief Keef

Moreover, Chief was in New York City with his Glory Boyz Entertainment mate. Keef’s manager told the Billboard they are safe and stay in a sound palace. But at that time, the situation was terrible for everyone. 

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However, after the incident on social media and every online page publish Keef’s death news. After saw the death news, people started to show condolences on his death. The rumor spread all over the social media platform within a short time. 

At first, his fans are shocked to hear the news. Keef did not respond at first. Then, Keef’s manager responded to the rumor and clarified it. Anyway, his fans are happy to see him alive. 

chief Keef
Chief Keef / Image / Instagram: @chieffkeeffsossa

How Did Chief Keef React to his Rumor?

Chief Keef did not respond to his death rumor at first. Cause most of the rappers faced these kinds of rumors. These are internet hoax and those pages intensionally publish this kind of news to earn followers. 

The incident really happened and Keef was shot by accident, but he was not the target. The cops revealed, they still investigate the issue. Because of Keef’s shot, several online pages took the initiative and spread the rumor. 

When the rumor was out of control and people believed what they saw on social media that time Keef’s manager spoke out. Rappers like Chief Keef did not pay attention to rumors. 

If you noticed his Instagram account, you see his social media update. On 6 July, he posted a photo on his Instagram account. His Instagram photo and activity are proof of his belonging. 

However, he is active on social media and used to post about his works update. For celeb, social media is the only option to connects their fans. 

Early Life Of Chief Keef  

Keith Farrelle Cozart is the born name of Keef. He is best known for his stage name Chief Keef. Chief was born on 15 August 1995 in Chicago, US. He lived with his family in the Parkway Garden Homes.  

However, he was alienated from his biological father. His father Alfonso Cozart, was a minor. That’s why his guardian was his grandmother with whom he lived in Chicago. 

From his childhood, he was interested in music. At the age of five, he started to rap. Even, Keef recorded his rapping in his mother’s tap and karaoke machine. This is the most amazing memory of his childhood. 

Chief attended several schools in his early childhood. At first, he attended Dulles Elementary School, then the Banner School, and a day school named Therapeutic school. He did not continue his high school. At the age of 15, he dropped out from his high school. 

Social Media Activity

The rapper Chief Keef is famous on his social media account. Have a verified Instagram account that has above 6.8 million followers. In his account, he posts regularly. 

For celeb, social media is a new platform for promoting their song, business, and so on. He used to post about his work update. Because of social media fame, artists like Keef did not even promote their albums. 

Chief is popular through social media, but this fame did not come overnight. He has to struggle and worked hard for earning fame. Hard work is the key to success. 

Because of his talent, he got success in his early career. His popularity on social media is increasing day by day. Social media is a great palace to connect with your special one. 

Only on social media, celebs can be able to attack with his fans. There were many ups and downs in his career which were revealed through social media. But his fame did not affect. 

At the same time, social media can spread positivity and rumors. Rumor spread quickly and people believe this easily. However, Chief Keef is famous for his work on social media.