The features that the HUAWEI GT 4 will make you buy the device. Its health management assistance and workout coach guide can truly ensure that you can live a fit lifestyle and be alert when data needs your attention. But before you purchase the HUAWEI GT 4, you should read this first to know the reasons why the HUAWEI GT 4 is a worthy buy. 

Reasons to Get the HUAWEI GT 4 


One of the main reasons why many like the huawei gt is because of its design. The new HUAWEI GT 4 has gotten an iconic new look. Its 46 mm octagonal watch face can be an option for you. You can get this in black, brown, grey, or green. Or you may also want to pick the opulent ring bezel for the 41 mm. This comes in silver, white, or light gold. 


You also would want to get this watch because of the display. It has a 1.43-inch display with 326ppi. You will also get a 466 by 466 pixels for the screen. The 41mm variant has a 352 ppi and a 1.32-inch display. With this kind of display, you have the option to choose from several watch faces, color schemes, and widgets. You can view everything with the use of your device. People will be flocking to this device as they look at the display on the screen. You will definitely enjoy looking at the screen of the watch. 

Workout assistance

If you like to keep yourself fit, you should also buy the device. You will be provided with data-driven workouts for your personal assessment and improvement. You may also opt to use the Activity Rings 2.0. This allows you to set daily goals with the Move, Stand, and Exercise measurements. 

You can also let this watch count your calories. This is through the Stay-Fit app. This is backed up by the TruSeen 5.5. with this device, you can measure the real-time calorie intake, resting calories, and active calories. 

The device has over 100 workout modes. You do not have to worry about the capabilities of your device because it most probably has all the workouts that you will ever do. 

Heart Rate Monitoring 

A key feature of this device is its ability to record and monitor your heart rate. Checking your heart rate from morning to night will help you to be alerted of any unusually high or low heartbeats. Heart rate monitoring is done by this device through the HUAWEI TruSeen 5.5+ heart rate. 

You may want to check your heart rate whether you are doing some heavy activities or you are resting in your house. By knowing how your body reacts at different times of the day, you can also better understand your capabilities and your health. 


You can also rely on this device to record your whereabouts. This becomes increasingly important when you are calculating your actual runs. You want your device to record the actual distance of your run so that you can have a better grasp of your regular workouts. 


You should get the new HUAWEI GT 4 because of its durability and functionality. This huawei gt is packed with different features that will enable you to do multiple activities through the watch. It is also very elegant and luxurious. You can wear the device whether you are going outdoors for a workout or you are attending a party or event. You can rely on the HUAWEI GT 4 to assist you wherever you are going and whatever task you want to complete. 

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