Mr. Beast is better known for his crazy activities on popular social media called YouTube. Along with this, he is equally a philanthropist and entrepreneur. Surprisingly, Beast established himself as the second creator who had hardly gained 100 million subscribers.

The young content creator Mr. Beast consistently focused on lots of wired experiments and offered the participants unbelievable presents or rewards. Gradually, he expresses his generosity towards participants. That’s why people are seeking how Mr. Beast becomes so popular.

Why Is Mr. Beast So Popular?

Mr. Beast started his YouTube vlog with some worst intros that make the audiences listen to him. On top of that, Mr. Beast always offers some tempting rewards to the participants on his particular video content. Day by day, people are showing tremendous interest in him and his videos.

Why Is Mr. Beast So Popular
Mr. Beast/Instagram: @mrbeast

Frankly speaking, it is out of thinking how Mr. Beast offered general people. A long time ago, he donated a uber driver $10,000 without any reason. Even a big and well-decorated house was given only for $1.

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How Did Mr. Beast Start His Journey?

Mr. Beast is the YouTube name of Donaldson, who took birth on 7 May 1998 in Kansas. He set out on his journey through YouTube and joined in February 2012. At first, Beast focused on thrilling video games.

Then, he came to the limelight after an enchanting video where he was counting 100,000. The video produced extreme waves on YouTube because it required 40 hours to finish.

Later Mr. Beast enrolled in a competition for becoming the most-subscribed YouTube personality through PewDiePie.

Right now, Mr. Beast is the highest-paid and most-viewed content creator on YouTube. Amazingly, this man hired his childhood friends in his projects and makes a team of 60 people.

Mr. Beast/Instagram: @mrbeast

Reasons That Make Mr. Beast Popular:

Due to various reasons, Mr. Beast is popular. When he was only 13, he published his first content on YouTube and named his channel “MrBeast6000”.

Like others, he was an unsuccessful video maker. Mr. Beast came live on YouTube and played games like “Call of Duty” and “Minecraft”.

At the very beginning, Mr. Beast didn’t reveal his face in front of viewers. In 2016, he became to achieve fame and gained 30,000 subscribers on his channel.

Mr. Beast dropped out of his college and told his mother that he would build up a career doing something on YouTube. He got his success after counting 100,000 which took 44 hours.

Mr. Beast did it because he was getting bored after leaving college and he knew it should be viral. Next, he would be able to find the YouTube algorithms and start to create such types of things to earn more subscribers.

Mr. Beast is the only YouTuber who donated more than thousands of dollars. He holds attention through his charity stunts and substantial donation.

Mr. Beast/Instagram: @mrbeast

He provided many cars without any penny. As well as, he gave away $10,000 to a uber driver just for no reason.

Mr. Beast had donated $1 million from YouTube earnings and added a title, “YouTube’s Biggest Philanthropist”. However, he was blamed to give away fake money.

Anyway, Beast had completed a successful mission of planting 20 million trees and used a title, #TeamTrees.

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Mr. Beast’s Secret To Success:

An estimate was determined during the year 2018, Mr. Beast’s channel has monthly views of 20 million and bewith 2 million subscribers.

But in the following year, it jumped to 200 million views and 12 million subscribers per month. Ridiculously, it was a 600% progress in subscribers and 1000% in views.

Here, Mr. Beast has some tricks and formulas to establish his channel growth. Titles and thumbnails are his key weapon to snatch away people’s concentration.

The ideas and infrastructures he used for video purposes are honestly mind-blowing.

For the second one, Mr. Beast published some strong personality videos, along with hero content.

Initially, he offered the participants with money and then told them to perform some wired activities. For example, once he requested some people to build a house without logs.

Mr. Beast/Instagram: @mrbeast

Opened A Free Restaurant During Covid-19:

Mr. Beast offered people to spend one million dollars but within one minute only. He is a devoted fan of crush giveaways.

As a philanthropist, he launched a restaurant during the pandemic and out of cost. That promotes him to gain generosity from people around the sound world.

Mr. Beast Money From YouTube:

YouTube has some rules and regulations in terms of paying money to a content creator. Mr. Beast is not out of it either. Astonishingly, his Squid Game has a view of 250 million.

Mr. Beast earned $40,000 per day. Which means, he can gather $15 million per year. On the other hand, he maintains a few channels. And from all of them, he earned $54 million in a year.

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