Youtuber and Online fitness trainer Chloe Ting has known for her fitness program on youtube. Her fitness programs are undoubtedly helping people to stay fit. Ting is famous for several videos like ‘Get Abs in 2 WEEKS’, ‘2 Weeks Shred Challenge’. Where Does Chloe Ting Live Now?

Chloe Ting lives in Melbourne now. She was born in an Australian family. Ting was born and brought up in Brunei, Australia. Her whole family moved to Melbourne when she was seventeen years old. Before leaving Brunei, she completed her schooling in Brunei at a local school. 

Chole Ting (via Instagram @chloe_t)

Ting belongs to a well-settled business family. Ting passed her childhood with her siblings. Her father is a professional businessman who raised his children with care. 

However, as an adult, Chloe Ting lives in Melbourne. But her family still lives in Brunei. She is an established and famous Youtuber among her age Youtubers. 

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After shifting to Melbourne with her family, she joined Monash University for higher education. From her childhood, she was interested and passionate about her study. 

After her graduation, she joined a corporate company. She worked for the company for two or three years. Then her boss told her to choose one thing either the job or her hobby. 

Then she decided to quit her job and started making videos for her youtube channel. It was not an easy move for Ting to quit a stable job. 

Even she did not tell her parents about quitting her job and making videos. A couple of months or a year, she kept her decision secret from her family. 

Because they did not understand her dream or passion for being a Youtuber and content creator. Also, her family and relative did not allow her to waste her degrees. 

Content Creator

At the beginning of her youtube career, she hesitated to introduce herself as a Youtuber or content creator. Because she did not establish her position as a content creator.  

Ting quit her job for her passion for being a Youtuber. In 2011, she began her journey as a Youtuber and uploaded her first video in August. 

Then started to make fashion and travel-related videos. From an early age, Ting was keen on fashion and used to give fashion tips. On festive days, Chloe prepared herself as a model. 

When she was known as a fashion content creator, she got offers from several brands. Then started working as a brand ambassador. 

Being a content creator is not easy. If you do have not appropriate content, people will not watch your videos. 

Ting was not spare her from this system. At a time, people criticized her for making videos on cheap content. That time, she took negative comments as her lesson and worked hard. 

Along with fashion videos, she started makeup tutorials also. In makeup videos, she used to share her technique and product name with her fan followers. 

These kinds of content were easy to create, so she started fitness videos. 

Fitness Trainer

As a certified fitness trainer, Ting began to make online training videos. When she started her fitness programs online, everyone was shocked. Cause they did not pay for programs. 

Firstly, people took her fitness videos positively. Then they started following her every step to be fit. Anyone can follow her programs. 

However, she did not mention anything in her videos. Every people can follow and get benefited. 

Ting used to share her entire journey from fat to slim such as the entire weight loss program. People loved to accept her workout challenge. 

After following her workout, they gave feedback and suggestion. Nowadays people are not getting enough time to exercise for a long time. They always prefer shortcut methods so Ting developed several workouts that work quickly. 

Before launching a new workout, she used to practice on herself. When she got positive results then upload her exercise videos.

Besides, Ting got mixed feedback from her videos. Many people started Ting’s workout but they could not continue their workouts. 

Many of them complained that her workout did not work. For this reason, she roasted on social media. Many troll page admins used to mock her. 

As a content creator, she took it positively, and these kinds of negative comments did not bother her anymore. Everyone faced ups and downs in their career.

During the pandemic, Ting’s career totally changed. At that time, people trusted her workout videos and followed exercise videos step by step. After that, she feels proud and introduces herself as a YouTuber. 

Moreover, there are many types of workout videos such as weight loss, fat burn, Hourglass challenge, flat stomach challenge, and so on. In these videos, Ting showed how to do it properly. 

Earning Source

Chloe Ting has many sources to earn money, youtube is one of them. Recently, she started modeling as a brand ambassador. 

Ting also earns from an ad on youtube. The cost of an ad depends on views. The longer the viewers watch their videos, the more money they earn. However, as a model, she gets a lot. Ting starts working with many brands like Gymshark.


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