I’m sure you’ve heard of DaBaby. He’s the rapper who has been blowing up all over social media with his catchy tunes that are often filled with controversial lyrics. His latest song, “These Days” is one of his most popular tracks and it features a hook by Camila Cabello.

What religion is DaBaby? Is he Christian or Jewish? Maybe Muslim or Hindu?

Believe it or not, DaBaby is a Muslim. The rapper from Atlanta has been in the spotlight since he was just 18 years old and signed to Gucci Mane’s label. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Islam, it is one of the world’s largest religions with 1 billion followers worldwide.

Raised in Ohio

DaBaby was raised in Ohio before moving to Atlanta. His father is a Muslim and so his whole family converted when he turned 13. “I’m not just converting because my dad’s a Muslim,” Da Baby told Paper Magazine.

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“It feels right.” He also added that it has helped him become more focused on himself, as opposed to the things around him like girls and partying all night long.

DaBaby’s most important things

Da Baby’s most important things in his life are God, Allah and Muhammad. He said that he doesn’t want to do anything without thinking about it first because “you never know what can happen.”

He says the best advice he has for people is: “Do your thing,” which comes from a famous Bob Marley song. The rapper believes everyone should have their own voice and not try to be like someone else or fit into society’s rules if they don’t feel right about them.

“Try on different identities until you find one that fits,” DaBaby advises young adults who may still be searching for themselves as well.

Other Religious Prayers

DaBaby has also started a prayer group with his friends called “The House of Da Baby.” The rapper said he’s been preaching about not caring what people think and following your heart. He said it’s important to be confident in yourself because you are who you want to be, not someone else or society.

“If I’m lost, then I’ll find myself,” the ordained minister says on Instagram quoting one of his favorite songs by Kanye West.

He quoted another song from the Grammy award-winning artist that goes: “We all self-destruct sometimes.”

It is true for everyone as long as we keep living our lives passionately and following our dreams instead of letting ourselves get swallowed up by fear when things don’t go as planned.

“I’m not looking for answers, I just want to live my life,” he said in another post on Instagram showing a man who looks like him being ordained by an elder of the church and wearing what appears to be a headpiece. “The last thing we need is more religion.”

It’s important that young people are able to feel free enough in order to explore their spirituality without having any judgment from others or feeling afraid of religious people telling them they’re wrong.

We all deserve the space and time needed so that we can grow into our own spiritual selves instead of getting indoctrinated too quickly. Even though DaBaby has started this prayer group, it doesn’t mean you have to follow his beliefs.

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