Skillet is an American rock band that is formed in Memphis, Tennessee. It has been best known for the Billboard Music Awards-winning album “Awake.” But “Is Skillet a Christian Band?”

Yes, Skillet is a Christian Band. Currently, the band consists of an American popular music artist John Cooper. He is the lead vocalist and co-founder of Skillet since the foundation of the band.


In various interviews, John Cooper said that he has faith in religious views. There is an emotional connection between Skillet and its fans. The band has always tried to satisfy the community of fans.

When Did Skillet Form?

The Christian rock band Skillet was formed in 1996 in Memphis, the United States. John Cooper and Ken Steorts played an important role to found the band.

They both were working in different bands before founding Skillet. John was the vocalist for the rock band Seraph & Ken Steorts was the guitarist for Urgent Cry. While touring together, they decided to form a new band.

Finally, they were able to form the musical band where Trey McClurkin joined the band as a temporary drummer. ForeFront Records expressed an interest in the rock band.

In 1996, Skillet started its journey by releasing a demo album “Right Upside Your Head.” Currently, Skillet become a popular music band in the United States

Is The Lead Singer of Skillet a Christian?

John Landrum Cooper is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. He is the lead singer and co-founder of the Christian band “Skillet.” People want to know if he is a Christian or not.

John has revealed in many interviews over the years that he has faith in his religious views. According to his statement, his mother was a Christian fanatic.

John Cooper said that he believed every area of his life, every box and nook belongs to his religion. He also added that he did not believe rock & roll belong to the devil.

What Type of Band is Skillet?

Skillet is a rock band. Its genres are Christian Rock, Christian metal, hard rock, alternative rock, nu metal, and symphonic metal. They try to make their albums through various influences.

The self-debut album “Skillet” has been influenced by grunge. It is an alternative rock genre in the American Pacific Northwest state of Washington.

The band’s second studio album was characterized by its electronic music genre. James Christopher had described Skillet’s musical style as hard rock, alternative metal, and post-grunge.

Skillet’s Members

John Cooper & Ken Steorts had started the journey of the rock music band “Skillet.” During the foundation, the band had a few members including Trey McClurkin.

Currently, it has many members and they are still working with the band. Let’s know the band’s members:

John Cooper – Lead Vocalist, bass guitarist, acoustic guitarist. He is the co-founder and still a member of the band.

Korey Cooper – Rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist. She is the wife of John Cooper and a member of the band from 1999 to the present.

Jen Ledger – Drummer, backing, and occasional vocalist. She is an English singer and is now a member of Skillet.

Seth Morrison – The Lead Guitarist. He is a member of Skillet since 2011.

There are also some former members of the rock band. They were with the band for a long time. Kevin Haaland was the lead guitarist from 1999 to 2001. Ben Kasica is a former guitarist of the rock band as well.

Some Hit Songs of Skillet

Currently, Skillet has more than 10 studio albums, 3 video albums, 24 music videos, and over 70 singles. Dominion is the most recent music album of the rock band in 2022.

Some hit songs list:

Song NameReleasing YearCertification
The Last Night 2007Gold
Whispers in the Dark2006Platinum
Awake and Alive20102x Platinum
Monster20104x Platinum & Silver
Not Gonna Die2013Gold

Achievements & Awards

Skillet has gained huge achievements since its foundation. More than a couple of hit songs has been certified Gold & Platinum. There are also a lot of fan followers on social media.

On Instagram, Skillet has about one million followers. On the other hand, it has more than 500k followers on Twitter. The band has won many awards including the GMA Dove Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Drummies! Award, and HM Awards.

On the other hand, Skillet is nominated for several awards for its excellence. One of the most nominated awards is the Grammy Award. Skillet had been nominated for the Grammy Award in 2005.

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