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Mosharraf Karim Biography, Age, Height, Family and More

Mosharraf Karim is the most popular actor in Bangladesh. He works both in Television and film Industry. Mosharraf is famous for his acting skill and doing great work on tv. 

Mosharraf Karim Biography
Mosharraf Karim (via instagram @mosharraf_karim)

As an actor, he tried his best to entertain his fan followers. In 1980, he started his journey as a theater artist. 

In his career, he did exceptional work and played some brilliant roles. He used to work as a funny and comedian character in dramas. Jomoj is the most popular drama which is released every eid. 

Even Indian people watch his drama on youtube. He gets praised from all over the world.

Early Life

Mosharraf Karim was born on 22 August 1971 in Khilgaon. His childhood was spent in Dhaka.  

From his childhood, he was carefree. He does what he likes or loves. In class 3, he was asked to read a poem about the moon and after reading that poem, he was happy and satisfied. 

That moment, he thought deep through the poem. Then, he decided what he wanted to be an artist. In 1989, he got the opportunity to work in theater. Through the play “Atithi”, he started to work in the media industry in 1999. 

During 2003-2004, he was busy acting in tv dramas. At that time, he changed his name suddenly from Mosharraf Hossain to Mosharraf Karim. Karim, the surname was taken from his father’s name.

His certificate name was Mosharraf Hossain and his nickname Shamim. Family, Friends, and close relatives called him Shamim.  

Mosharraf Karim: At a Glance

Birth NameMosharraf Hossain
Date of Birth 22 August 1971
Birth PlaceDhaka
Home DistrictBarisal
Height 5ft 5in
Weight 72kg
ProfessionActor, Singer
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack


Mosharraf Karim completed his high school in a village. After S.S.C, he stayed with his brother’s house in khilgaon. 

Then He did his H.S.C from Tejgaon College, Dhaka. Alongside joined Nattokendro through an audition which is a theater group. Then studied at Dhaka college. 

Personal Life

Karim got married in 2004 to Robena Reza Jui. Robena is an actress and famous for her natural acting skill. We saw them work together in many dramas.  

He was interested in acting from his childhood and developed his acting skill through theater. Firstly, Worked in theater for 16 years. 

As a multi-talented person, he is acting, singing, and worked in Nattokendro for a long time. 


His father’s name is Abdul Karim who used to act in theater. Unfortunately, Mosharraf was not seen his father’s acting but listened to his father’s reciting. His mother is a housewife. 

Fall in love with Robena Reza Jui while he teaching her. Then got married in 2004. He has a son named Roben Ryan Karim. 

FatherAbdul Karim
MotherNot Known
WifeRobena Reza Jui
SonRoben Ryan Karim


Mosharraf Karim and his friends were running a coaching center and his wife Jui was his student. Jui was studied at Viqarunnisa Noon College. Karim expressed his feeling towards her. 

Then in 2004, they named their relationship and started a happy family. Recently, we saw them work together. As an actor, he was very serious about work and tried his best to deliver his best acting. 


Mosharraf Karim first appeared on the small screen in 1999, Through the play “Atithi” on Channel I directed by Ferdous Hasan. He played a central role in ‘Hefaz Bhai’ in 2004. 

The telefilm “Kyarom” was one of the famous works in his career. That telefilm changed his life and from then he worked regularly. 

In 2008, Karim was acting as Ifti in “Houseful” tv series. This drama has seen us the modern lifestyle in Dhaka. Houseful was directed and written by Redoan Rony and Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi. One of the most popular tv series worked by Karim.

Besides doing funny characters, he did an exceptional character in the “Chaiya Chaiya” drama. In this drama, he played a transgender role and acted naturally.  

Karim did some famous works such as Foul, Rupkothar Golpo, Loss Project, 420, FnF, Shei Rokom Cha Khor, Moneybag, Pera, Prothom Prem, Tin Geda, Kotha Dilem To, and so on. 

Tv Serial

He is famous for his tv serial. Because of his talent, he can able to play all types of characters. His most popular tv serials are Mic, Shukno Patar Nupur, Patigonit, Ashare Golpo, Aim In Life, Money Bag, Valobasha Kare Koy, Cinematic, Chan Biriyani, Megh Bondhu, and so on. 

Jomoj and Sikanadar Box was the most popular work in his career. That two series were released every eid. Sikanadar series was based on a funny character which is played by Karim. 

Because of his acting skill, he delivered funny dialogues naturally that were famous through his fans. In Jomoj, he plays three characters at the same time directed by Animesh Aich. This drama was based on comedy and deliver dialogues in the native language. 

Mosharraf does some works with his wife such as Gate, Award of Honesty, Back up Artist, Haste Mana, Test, Good Boy, Bhalobasi Khub Besi, Props, Tobuo Bhalobashi, Beauty Phobia, Ekhane Jibanananda Nei and so on.


Mosharraf Karim’s first film was “Joyjatra” based on Liberation War directed by Tauquir Ahmed in 2004. Tauquir Ahmed is a creative director who works with different stories. 

In a row, Karim was worked many times with Tauquir Ahmed. His other two films are Rupkothar Golpo and Daruchini Dwip. “Daruchini Dwip” was based on the famous writer Humayun Ahmed’s novel. 

Then worked Work with the famous director Mostofa Sarwar Farooki. In”Third Person Singular Number” his character name is Munna and plays a husband role. 

However, he did another movie “Television” with Nusrat Imrose directed by Farooki. This movie achieves a lot and he did great. The “Television” movie was selected as Best Foreign Language Film at Academy Awards.

Again he worked with Tauquir Ahmed in Oggatonama and Haldaa. Tauquir works with unique stories like “Haldaa” based on the Haldaa river and Fishermens struggling life. 

Besides, he worked on the “Projapoti” movie directed by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz. Another movie Komola Rocket was based on two short stories. 

After that, he acted in Dictionary which is an Indian Bengali movie directed by Bratya Basu. In this movie, Karim was acting with Indian actors such as Nusrat Jahan, Abir Chatterjee. This movie is based on Buddhadeb Guha’s story. 

In every film, we saw him play a new character. Not only an actor but also a singer. He sings well that’s why we listen to his song in many dramas. 

Net Worth

Mosharraf Karim earning from his acting career. Recently, He started a production house business which is situated on his house’s upper floor. 

He designed his production house logo named “M Production”. Karim’s monthly and yearly income were not fixed. It depends on how much works he does in a month or year. 

Social Media Presence

Mosharrof Karim has a verified Facebook page. We can easily know about his work and activity through his Facebook page.

Facebook: Mosharraf Karim

Instagram: Mosharraf_Karim

Twitter: Mosharraf Karim

Award and Nomination

Firstly, he got his Prothom Alo award for the “Deyal Almari” drama in 2008. Then best tv actor for Housefull (2009), Chander Nijer Kono Alo Nei (2011), for Radio Chocolate(2012), Sikandar Box Ekhon Birat Model(2013), Sei Rokom Pan-Khor(2014). He got all awards from Prothom Alo for Public choice. 

Karim won the best acting award for the “Jalaler Golpo” movie from Avanca Film Festival. He got a national award for best acting in a comic role for the character he plays in the film “Komola Rocket” in 2009. 

However, his character was not comic in the movie “Komola Rocket” so he refused to accept the award. Then he requested the jury board to be more conscious while selecting. 


Who is Mosharraf Karim’s wife?

He got married to Robena Reza Jui in October 2004. They had a son and lead a happy life.



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