The elderly people in nursing homes require extra care due to their health conditions and other factors. Many of them are unable to swallow some kinds of food. This is why nursing home staff needs to prepare food while keeping in mind the risk of choking. When nursing home staff do not implement dietary restrictions or monitor people when eating and choking occur, the nursing home could potentially be liable. 

Choking becomes a greater hazard for the older age group. If your loved one has experienced a choking accident at their nursing home, you should seek consultation from a nursing home abuse lawyer in Cedar Rapids today. While negligence is not abuse, it still harms your loved one, and an attorney can help recover the losses. 

Risk factors of choking

  • Aging. 

The wear and tear of throat muscles in adults makes the swallowing process a bit complex. They need some kind of assistance to regulate their breathing normally. These can restrict swallowing movements and result in choking. 

  • Weakened state. 

Frail individuals may face certain respiratory problems. These can affect the swallowing process by restricting the airway. A highly trained staff must be available to the patient in order to combat these potential issues. 

  • Improper treatment. 

Choking incidents often occur when medications or food enter the windpipe and are unable to progress down the esophagus without any additional help. This can significantly harm the respiratory system. 

Avoiding choking accidents 

In order to avoid choking accidents, residents should be monitored carefully, especially those who have a high risk of choking. Nursing homes should carefully determine the swallowing difficulties of their residents. Residents who face difficulty swallowing should be kept on a modified diet. They also need to be monitored while eating and when they get medication. 

Nursing home staff should be trained in order to be able to handle any choking incidents. The staff must be present to monitor residents from time to time and ensure quick choking treatment. If the staff fails to take precautionary measures to avoid choking accidents, it should be held responsible for any harm caused to the residents. After all, it is the nursing home’s duty to carefully monitor the residents while taking medication, eating, and using breathing tubes. 

Call an attorney immediately

An attorney will help you seek justice for yourself or your loved ones if they get injured in choking accidents in nursing homes. They will let you know the legal options available. Book a consultation session immediately. 

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