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Is Yung Joc Still Alive in 2023?

Yung Joc is the stage name of Jasiel Amon Robinson. He is an American rapper who is best known for his famous song “It’s Goin’ Down.” Let’s find out the answer “Is Yung Joc Still Alive?”

Yes, Yung Joc is still alive and doing great. His death news had been spread on social media. However, it was a rumor. Yung Joc is not dead and passing his life with his family.

Is Yung Joc Still Alive
Yung Joc/Image Source: @sis2sis.com

What Happened with Yung Joc?

Yung Joc is the victim of death hoaxes. There are a lot of rappers in the United States who are victims of death hoaxes. Some unknown social media groups share rumors about celebrities for increasing views & followers.

Rumor had been shared on social media where it was said that Yung Joc is dead after being killed in a homicide shooting. He was shot multiple times outside of a club. It was a false report.

On Facebook, a post was shared entitled “R.I.P. Yung Joc.” Thus confusion had been created among the fans. The post led many fans to believe the rapper’s death.

Most of the fans started believing that Yung Joc is no more and that he passed away. By the way, nothing happened with Yung Joc. He is alive and well.

How Old is Yung Joc in 2022?

According to 2022, the rapper Yung Joc is 42 years old. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States on 20 September 1980. Yung Joc is a Georgian.

He is the son of Stanley Tucker, the owner of a hair care product company. Yung Joc was raised in College Park, Atlanta, the United States with his parents. He has had an interest in rap music since his childhood.

Yung Joc was a basketball player when he was in high school. During that time, he wanted to be a basketballer. But his aim did not fulfilled as his parents did not support him.

By the way, there is some false news spread on social media about his belonging. At present, Yung Joc is kicking his 42 birth year.

Where is Yung Joc Now?

Yung Joc is living with his family members in Atlanta, the United States now. These days the American rapper is doing pretty great for himself.

Yung Joc was arrested and charged with child abandonment a few days ago. He was in Gwinnett County Jail and had to post a $1300 bond for his conviction.

The news has been spread on social media within a short time. Anyway, the rapper had free from police custody after spending a few hours in jail.

Yung Joc has a house in Riverdale, Georgia. He purchased the house by spending $1.1 million. He used to stay in this apartment with his wife and children. Now the rapper has opened a new club.

Yung Joc’s Personal Life

The American rapper is the father of eight children including Amoni, Chase, Amir, Eden, Allon, Camora, Ja’Kori & Cadence. He had a relationship with multiple women. The rapper married a couple of times.

Yung Joc met with Alexandria Robinson before their marriage. In 2001, the couple got married and divorced in 2014. They have three children. Later, Yung married Kendra Robinson.

She graduated from Kentucky State University in Mathematics and became an attorney qualified from the University of Louisville’s Brandeis School of Law.

Yung Joc dated Kendra for a long time. The couple got engaged in 2019. They officially announced their married and were highlighted at the star-studded event. Yung Joc & Kendra Robinson are still together now.

Current Activities of Yung Joc

Currently, Yung Joc is influencing the youth for their career. Recently, a video viral on social media where Yung Joc was seen working as a rideshare driver of his own choice. 

Celebrities have various avenues to earn money which is proved by the work of Yung Joc. The American rapper was working for a rideshare app “Pull Up N Go.” 

According to the statement of Yung Joc, everyone should show others what humility is & live like an honest person. Thus it influenced the youth to choose the right way of their career.

On the other hand, Yung Joc is focusing on his music career deeply. He is working on his new project in 2022. If you want to follow Yung Joc’s daily activities, you can notice his official account on social media.

Most of the time he has been seen busy with his career goals. By the way, Yung Joc’s current activities are proved that he is still alive and doing well in 2022.