The rapper Young Thug is famous for his tremendous works and talent. On social media, there is a rumor that Young Thug and Gunna are brothers. But we have no idea, is it a rumor or truth. 

There must be an interesting story. So, let’s find out, is Young Thug and Gunna Brothers?

The answer is no. Young Thug and Gunna did not share a biological relation. They are a close friend. But both maintain a close relationship which is strong like brothers. They came from the same place Georgia.  

Young Thug / Image / Instagram: @thuggerthugger1

However, Gunna and Thug have shared a close beautiful friendship. On Gunna’s birthday, Young gifted him a brand new Rolls-Royce. The RR model did not reveal.

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That time Gunna posted a video on his Instagram account and wrote a caption like ”My Brother really brought me RR”

Then, he posted a photo while seating in the driver’s seat, and for the luxury Rolls-Royce, he expressed his thanks to Thug. After getting this gift from Thug, he was amazed and surprised at the same time. 

Gunna wrote a caption with RR photo “That Big Body rolls comin !!! @thuggerthugger1 thank you, twin.”

Moreover, their love became deep and they considered themself as brothers. They worked together also and released a mixtape named ”Slime Brothers”. 

How Did Young Thug and Gunna Meet?

In 2015, Young Thug and Gunna met through a common friend on a shoot. After a year, Thug collaborate with Gunna and introduced him to the world. 

In this song, Floyd Mayweather, Thug collaborated with Gunna. From that song, their journey started together. 

The year 2019 was a blessing for both artists, they worked much and did several great works. Gunna able to take a position on the XXL Freshman Class. 

On the other hand, Thug released his first no. 1 album ”So Much Fun”. Day by day their friendship became stronger. 

Young Thug’s Famous work

Thug started his career in 2010 as a guest in TruRoyal’s song. From that time still, he is working hard and achieved much. 

His journey in the music industry reached in a decade. Through these years, he did several great works. 

However, one of the best songs in Thug’s life is ”I Came From Nothing”. This is the best one and thug got much appreciation for this song. 

 Another song is Bonjour which is included in the ”I Came from nothing 2” album. He always does what he has passion and dedication to. 

Moreover, Stoner is another famous song, he did. For this song, he got an award. This is the big achievement he got in his early career. 

In 2018, Thug released a song named ”This is America”. But he did not sing this song, Thug collaborated like other rappers in this song.

Besides, Thug worked with many famous rappers like Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, Drake. Working with legend is a blessing for a newcomer.

Gunna’s Famous Work

Gunna gets famous after working with famous rappers like Li Baby and Young Thug. Generally, Gunna worked with Thug then got a contact for the label’s record. 

In 2016, Gunna took seriously his music career and released his first mixtape album Drip Season. This album can not give him much but people realize his musical talent. 

The next year, Gunna released Drip Season 2 and this album gave a big hit. From that time, he got popularity and success. 

Another famous work is WUNNA. In this album, Gunna worked with several famous rappers Young Thug, Li Baby, Roddy Ricch. This album got favorable reviews from critics and his fans. 

In 2018, Gunna released another mixtape, Drip Harder. In this mixtape, Li Baby and Gunna worked together. 

In his short career, he worked on several great works and also got positive feedback. 

Who is More Famous on Social Media?

On social media account, both artists are famous and got their fans well wishes. According to their follower on Instagram, Young Thug is more popular.

On Instagram, Thug has over 8.6 million followers. O the other hand, Gunna has above 3.7 million. Both have a verified account. 

They used to post their work update and special moment on their account. Gunna is considered a rising star so, he has a long way to go.

Young Thug working much than Gunna and their work style also different. So, it is not surprising that Thug is more famous than Gunna. 

However, they both successful and established in their position. But because of Thug’s musical career and talent, he gets more fame on social media.

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