Shaq is a retired basketball, who played 19 seasons under 6 teams. He is one of the most eminent players of the present era. This 7.1 feet man had a 19-year walk of life in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Shaq constantly played as a central player but retired as a mighty forwarder. As an NBA, is Shaq a good shooter?

Is Shaq A Good Shooter?

Shaq always performed his best during his career time. Sad to relate, Shaq is not a good shooter at all. Shaquille is a medium-level shooter having a shooting average of 52.7 percent and a 0.582 percentage of field goals. Conversely, the best have a 73% shooting average and a 0.673% of the field goal.

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What Was Shaq’s Shooting Average?

During Shaq’s 19-year career, he had maintained a marginal level of shooting average. From 1994 to 2011, Shaq played 19 sessions and acquired an average of 52.7 percent. It is not enough to say Shaq is a good shooter.

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But in his career time, Shaq achieved four NBA championships and was equally a rookie winner. However, some of his shooting percentages are delivered at the end;

SeasonShooting Average

How Many 3’s Did Shaq Shoot?

Shaq is a central player and his job was to dominate. Shaq shot only one 3’s in his lengthy career. As a dominating big guy, Shaq completed his glorious career with 4 rings.

In the season 1995-96, he had made only one 3’s along with the Orlando Magic. His team was playing against the Milwaukee Bucks on 16 February 1996. Amazingly, Shaq did not only set in a 3’s but also made it furnished.

Funnily, Shaq tried for 3’s 22 times but achieved a one-time success.

How Many Free-Throws Did Shaq Attempt?

Shaq shot more than 5,900 times among them 11,000 are foul shots. Free throws were a body of NBA. And no players could not get off it. Particularly, a seven feet man could not do that.

Shaq was not a polished shooter. He was provided with many chances to prove his talent.

Unfortunately, Shaq did not bring a more satisfactory outcome. He is one of the atrocious free shooters.

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Shaq’s Free Throws: Why Was So Bad?

Height: We all know, Shaq is 7.1 feet tall guy who has two enormous hands. He had not a more proper grip with those giant hands.

In addition, basketball was into his tips rather it stayed of pads. All over, these problems made his free throw bad.

Lack of Practice: Shaq was not a splendid free thrower. But did not practice anymore. Shaq was a lazy person.

Shaq’s Most Points In A Game:

Shaq recorded 61 points on 6th March 2000 with 23 rebounds along with 3 assists. Amazingly, the day was Shaq’s 28th birthday.

In that match, Shaq’s team won by 123 – 103 against the Clippers. And his second-highest point was 53 against Timberwolves on 20th April 1994.

Shaq’s Statistics:

Shaq was one of the supreme players in the history of the NBA. He also extended his career to the pop world.

From the basketball court to video games, hip hop, and movies he walks everywhere.

Shaq remained an unabated player in NBA history. Shaq’s scoreboards are;

Total Points Scored: Shaq scored 28,596. He holds on to the 8th position. During rookie time Shaq obtained an average score of 23.4 points per game.

Total Rebounds: This 7.1 feet guy occupies a total of 13,099 rebounds. Shaq occupied 13.9 boards per combat. He was the 15th.

Total Blocks: Shaq was an offensive player on the field. His height supported him as always. Shaq blocked an aggregate number of 2,732. He is ranked 8th.

Total Games Played: Shaq has a long career time from 1992-2011. During this period he played frequently about an estimate of 1204 times. Shaq also developed a long-lasting history in his career time.

Total Assists: Shaq was not excellent as an assistant. He received a ball better than passing. Shaq’s total assists are 3026, where he grasps the 216th position.

Who Is The Greatest Shooter of All Time?

Stephen Curry, this man is the most skilled shooter. Until now, Stephen ranks 3-point alternative record with 402. Equally, he holds a 3-point field goals record in an NBA Final Game.

Stephen Curry is still playing. Hope he will include some new records beside his name.

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