Recently Ray J has been the hot search on the internet. No wonder people are searching for the right information. Ray J is known as a songwriter and singer. Let’s discuss and find out ”Is Ray J still alive?”

Well, the answer is yes. Raj J is still alive and doing well. Recently there has been news about Ray J’s death. That’s why people arise the question of Ray’s belonging. In 2021, October Ray has admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Ray is better now and recovering soon.

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Ray’s manager informed the media that Ray was in the hospital for a week. The doctor tested the Covid-19 because he has several signs of the Coronavirus. All the test reports come negative. 

At a time, Ray and his entire family thought he has Covid. Fortunately, the report came negative. That is a relief for Ray and his fan-followers. 

How the Rumor Spread?

The news of Ray’s death went viral after a Facebook post. Then the news spread quickly through social media. The rumor turns off when Ray’s manager clarifies the matter. 

At first, Ray did not talk about the rumor. But it’s getting out of control. After posting about Ray’s death post, the page gained around one million likes. 

The most surprising matter is people believe the death hoax easily. Even they did not justify the reality. When the news was published, all of his fan-followers were shocked. 

However, they got relief after the clarification of his belonging. Anyway, Ray’s fans are eagerly waiting for his next album. They are praying for his recovery. 

How Did Ray J React to his Rumor?

These kinds of rumors gave him another chance to live his life fully. Ray J was hospitalized because of his sickness. He has not any idea about this rumor. Cause he was in the hospital during this time. 

This rumor was getting worst day by day because of Ray and his team’s silence. After came Covid’s negative, his manager confirmed that he was suffering from Pneumonia.  

When Ray J saw his death rumor, pretty sure he will be shocked. Anyway, as a celeb, he does not bother about these kinds of rumors. So, Ray J did not react to his death rumor. 

Early Life of Ray J

Ray J was born in Mississippi, the U.S. Then in his childhood, his entire family moved to Los Angeles from Mississippi. His sister is a famous artist who is also known as a platinum recording singer. In Los Angeles, he got chances to act in tv commercials. 

From his childhood, he was carefree and cheerful. His interest in music started when he saw his sister’s performance and achievement. So, we can say that he got talent by born. 

In 1989, he appeared on television for the first time as a tv commercials actor. Through tv, he was starting his career as an actor. The same year, he also started to give auditions and work for different companies. 

From 1993 to 1994 he acted as the Foster son in The Sinbad Show. From this show, Ray entered the acting industry. Then he appeared in the ”Moesha” show. This show was started in 1999 and ended in 2001. 

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